Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Eye Candy

My son has discovered the opposite sex.

He has realized that women are not just there to take care of him
but that they are something to look at, admire, and dream about.
For example...
we were at the grocery store, and per usual I do the shopping as he sustains
himself in the magazine section, until he walks over to me and asks me for $10..
"for what" I ask him
"for a magazine" my loving 12 yr old says to me
"what magazine" I ask him
" just a magazine Mom" my loving 12 yr old says
" I understand its a magazine honey, but what magazine" I ask him
" Do you have to know everything, gosh, can I have my allowance early" my pre-puberty 12 yr old says to me
Then he looks at me, gives me the pitiful eyes and lower lip, and says...
"please Mommy"
Well what does a mother say?
What does a mother do?
I could put the law down and say HELL NO
or, I could acknowledge the fact that he is no longer a little boy
he is growing up. And if he doesn't get it from me.. he's gonna get it
from someone, somewhere...somehow..
Hell, his uncle has already taken him to Hooters
and taught him the true meaning of "Eye Candy"
and I have caught him surfing the internet looking at pictures
of nudity... (reminds me, I need to put those parental blockers up)

So, I bought my pre-adolescent, the swimsuit addition of Sports Illustrated
did you know Heidi Klum is just wearing paint???!!!!!
And I am acknowledging the fact that my sweet, loving, caring boy is turning slowly
into a man. And that I am getting old!