Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who would of thunk it....

Well one of my loyal readers nominated me for a blog award.

At first I thought it was a big joke, but turns out someone really does like me.
Thank you loyal reader. Much appreciated....

so with that being said..... go vote for me, although I think I only have a few readers one or two is better than none to zero Righht

Sadly Im sitting in a hotel on hotel wi-fi... and I cant seem to get anything to link up the way it's suppose to.

I decided to take a small vaca away from life and responsibilities and drove my happy ass to Reno.
So far the winning gods have been very fickle. But, the drinking gods have been kind. Meaning I havnt woke up with a hangover yet, so either the drinks are weak or Im just not drinking.
Either way Im relaxing and that's what is important.
Heading home tomorrow (Wednesday) gonna make that lovely drive home back to the world of responsibilities, work, kids, animals and and and... woo hoo... life is life I suppose.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's an Orange...

You know life sometimes gets in your way, prohibits you from being who you are, who you want to be, where you currently are, or where u really wish to be. That has been me. My days have made me feel like a rat, running in circles on a large metal wheel. Not really feeling like I'm getting anywhere, just running in circles in place... over and over and over again.

Yes, there have been some bright spots. Some joyous moments. My kids are doing great. I got an awesome bonus from work. I moved out of my hell hole apartment into a beautiful big house. I finally met the man of my dreams. Who adores me, my kids and the Noah's ark that I have created.

But some days, I still feel that there is something missing. But what? What is it that could make me feel all that much more complete? Honestly, I have my health, which by the way was touch and go for awhile with the damn pneumonia and bronchitis and stupid ass colds that just wont let go. I have my children.. who have been doing marvelous. I have my new Man... who adores my big butt... my tummy w/the imperfections... my wild antics... he is so mellow compared to me.. we fit amazingly well together, and most importantly my kids really like him.
So the question is what?

Hmmmm... maybe it's time to stop thinking of whats missing, and start moving through life thinking that all's well. Nothing is missing, life is finally where it's suppose to be.

That's a novel concept huh?!