Monday, January 26, 2009 come true

Remember when you were a kid, and you made that mistake of walking into your parents bedroom, just as they were getting it on?
Remember how grossed out and disgusted you were?
Traumatized for life?

Well, my daughter walked in on me and my S.O. last night.. the difference is, my bedroom door was shut and locked, and my little girl broke the lock on the door and walked right in. Then proceeded to yell, scream, and throw a temper tantrum on how sick and disgusted we are, she hates me, I'm suppose to wait until she is grown and out of the house before I proceed with my life!

Long story short...
Remember me telling ya'll earlier on, how my long lost love from my teen years looked me up on myspace? We struck up a convo...and 3 months later.. he's moved in. (yes I know.. way soon... )
So far so good.. things are working out really well....
Except for my beautiful baby girl...has turned into the spawn of the devil!

She's doing, saying, reacting, lying, stealing whatever you can think of to rip it all apart.
Who is she? Ive tried talking to her, Ive tried to understand her, Ive even given in to her demands to make peace in the house. I have become the biggest push over in the history of Mommy hood!

But I'm here to tell everyone..right here, right now

She will no longer act like she is the parent in MY house
She will no longer dictate to me what is going to happen and how it is going to be
She will no longer undermine my ever word and my every action

My biggest nightmare, of having a teenage child who is beyond control has come true...

I just want to lay down and sleep and wish this nightmare away
I know that I cant allow her to continue down this destructive path
I must take back control of my house

Hell...she already tells me she hates me..
what else can go wrong?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Greetings from Whoville

A new year, a new beginning... out with the old in with the new and hoping everything in my path turns to gold... which wont happen, but its a nice dream.

Christmas, was nothing to write home about... I didn't put up a tree this year... I didn't even decorate, my daughter did.. I was NOT in the Holiday spirit... I won a poinsettia from work. it was huge.. I brought it home and that was our "tree" LOL...

I did make a nice big Christmas dinner... got a few gifts for the kids.. made a deal with both kids and the boy wrapped his sisters and the girl wrapped her brothers.. then I filled their stockings and hung them by the fireplace with care.. well not really..I set them under the "tree" cuz they were to heavy to hang.. but whatever...another day... another dollar....

We got hit with some ridiculous amounts of snow this year over the Holiday... worse the Pacific Northwest has seen in about 30 yrs... the snow in my back yard was up to my knee in some areas... I was snowed in.... couldn't get anywhere for days... it was crazy!!! Now, it's raining.. it's all melting and lucky us, were on flood warnings..

The New Year was brought in w/family at the casino.... I drank... I ate..and ate...and ate.....and was home by 11:30..I'm such a party animal.. About 12:30 I was getting ready for bed.. and got a hysterical phone call from a good friend...
Her hubby plowed his truck into the front of another car...
I made it from my house to her house in just under 7 minutes.. it's normally a 15 min drive.. the accident was not even 100 ft from her front door...
Luckily no one was hurt... everyone walked away... it's the hubby's fault..
he blew almost a 2...
They have a long road ahead of them...

Note to self.. Never drink and drive.. not only is it expensive (as I would say there looking at aleast 10k)
stay home... have some drinks.. if you go out, call a taxi.. call a your Mom..
Never.. NEVER get behind the wheel of that car.. no reason to drive.. NONE!!!

Happy New Year Everyone...