Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Catch up... not ketchup

Wow, I logged in after months of being away from blog land and see that I have 39 followers, just when did that happen? I'm flattered. Thank you..

So, I guess Ive been a little MIA... OK, not really life has been throwing some huge ass curve balls, as of yet I haven't been hit in the head with a fast pitch but damn my thigh hurts!

So, lets see whats new in my little slice of hell? I finally got my bike endorsement, I finally decided that I needed to feel the vibrations of my own big engine between my legs, one that I had control of, so I went out and passed the class and I am now legal!
I made the hard mental decision to allow my 16 yr old to start drivers education and obtain his driving permit, so far he's only tried to put us in a ditch once, so I suppose he's doing rather well.
My teenage daughter is having some medical issues... basically she's full of shit.. literally..no lie.. she's full of shit and the meds she is on are not working, I'm thinking it's gonna have to be some kind of procedure to un-shit the child (oh she would be mortified if she knew I was writing about this)

My oldest brother has moved in with me, that has been a HUGE undertaking, I never realized what a self-centered, egotistical, male chauvinistic ass he was, I mean is. Holy Wow what an eye opener it has been.

4 weeks til the kidletts are back in school... I am thankful that my kids are teenagers, I have a few high school friends who are just now starting their families, and frankly I just do not understand as to why? We will be 40 in a few short years, why oh why would you want to live these years w/small, crying, running amuck children? Then again, I guess they lived their lives early on. I am looking forward to my 40's with no small ones at my heels.

I am still employed.. woo hoo.. in this day an age that is a huge accomplishment!

Got a new man, ok ok, we have been together going on 9 months, that is HUGE.. He's good to me.. he's good to my kids.. and well I hate to say it, he spoils me to know end and treats my like a princess... well, a dark princess as I hate the flowers/frill and fluff.. but, he's good people, wonder how long before I fuck this one up?

Cheers everyone!