Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mid quarter update!

Well Hello!!!!

So, follow-up on the boy child, he received a very minor sentence since it was his first offense he got a diversion process – had to complete 3 things pay some fines and he would be done with it. Collect some food for the food bank, go through a DUI impact panel, receive a drug/alcohol assessment. He did all 3… however the assessment came back that my baby boy has a bit of an addiction… so.. off to treatment he went… 3 days a week… one night a week is “family group counseling” that I’m not impressed with, as it has nothing to do with families, and more to do with just sitting there and listening. But I am there, once a week, for the next 8 weeks to support my son, and make sure he knows that we all make mistakes and we all come out of it. We learn and we grow and it is what it is. Hell I was there at that age too…

What amazes me, is out of the 11 kids in this group session… only a handful of parents attend, what amazes me is some parents attend, then don’t come back. What amazes me are the stories I hear from these teens of the psycho parents they have at home, or the lack of parenting that takes place. Yes, I realized there are these types of parents out there. Yes Yes I realize that my kid is not perfect nor am I a perfect parent, but I am involved! Your asking yourself, how can you be involved when your child has an addiction…didn’t I see it? No.. that’s just it… I didn’t see it.. because my son’s behavior never changed. There was no drastic changes in his behavior. Looking back I can see the little subtle changes….NOW.. but at the time.. nothing.. he still spent time with the family… he still laughed… he still had an appetite.. he didn’t withdraw.. there were no signs… that’s what’s so crazy…but he’s going on almost 70days sober…Im so very very proud of him!

My daughter is handling this all pretty well, except for the fact that all the attention has been focused on her brother and not her. So that’s been very hard for her to handle, but she’s handling it pretty well. She has cheer tryouts soon, I think she’s nervous, cheer is very cut throat, and vicious. I hope she makes it and yet, I have been talking to her about if she doesn’t make it that will be ok too. She seems to have the confidence that she will. Confidence is great… but being disappointed in the outcome I think is worse.

I quit smoking… January 4, and in return I’ve packed on some extra ass weight! Along with a spare tire, so started a life change today, eating healthier, drinking more water and just attempting little baby steps at getting this to go away.

The BF and I broke up… I dumped him about a month ago, he went out, got fall down stupid ass drunk came home and punched a hole in my hall wall and called my daughter a fucking little cunt. He’s lucky my brother was there when it all went down, or my son and I would of ended up in jail that night. The boy came flying out of his room ready to defend his sister. It warmed my heart. Even though the siblings fight like WWIII. So I’m single again… very happy about that.

Ok, That’s all folks