Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness..

during my 2 hrs of internet play today..
I was reading AR's blog..and a new Wednesday game..

So here we go....

Wednesday Weirdness....

1. ) Some people can pull leftovers out of the refrigerator and chow down without warming them up. Others can't. What are some foods that you serve warm but can eat once they're cold?

Pizza - I love cold pizza - it is the BEST hangover breakfast ever!!!
Im not a huge leftover person, no matter what my intention are.. the fam - just doesnt do well with leftovers..

2. ) Have you ever incorporated food into sex before? well yes.. yes I have..
Is ice a food? probably not, but during the hot summer months, when he places the ice into his mouth, and rubs it against my southern regions.. that coldness, up against hot flesh, is such a turn on....
Other than that.. the usual I suppose.. whip cream, warm chocolate syrup or caramel syrup - just make sure its not to hot or u will burn yourself.. I guess Im not a huge food/sex person..

3. ) What is one snack you eat that other people may consider odd?
Peanut butter sammys - not unusual I suppose, except I have to put butter on both slices of bread first, then the peanut butter, then the jam..
uummm.. toasted cheese sammys' - but.. I put the bread into the toaster.. then melt the butter on it when it's done.. then slide the cheese on.. wrap it in a papertowel for a few - allowing the warm bread & butter to soak into the bread.. you have to butter your toast and add your cheese very quickly tho!
My son however loves Flutter-Nutters...
white bread, peanut butter & marshmellow creme puff... or I think it's called Jiffy Puff..

ok.. that was fun.. who else is playing?

Monday, April 28, 2008

I was Tagged...flagged, nagged, shagged..

So.. my beautiful blog mate Ozfemme decided to tag me..
ooohh.. ain't you so sweet...

"five things about myself"

Well.. Ive listed a ton of things about myself in this blog.. things that I probably should share.. but I have shared.. things I'm sure NO one wanted to read.. but I did.. but.. here are 5 more things.. that no one should know ... but here ya go..

1) I have the most UGLIEST toes/toenails in the world.. big toe.. is HUGE.. HUGE I tell ya.. and mishapped...and my little toe..
ain't so little either...and my toenail on that big toe.. is thick.. and ingrown.. and the pedicure ladies LOVE me..
cuz I have ugly feet.. and I get to here from my pedi lady..
"you have ugly toe"
"you come in once a month"
"you feet nasty"
then they all talk about me in their oriental language, point and laugh at me.. and call me the ugly toe lady..
But.. I leave there and I have pretty feet.. for at least a week..
until I run around outside barefoot.. and well then.. they not so pretty no more!!!

2) I get bored... and restless w/life.. and when I start getting bored and restless.. I tend to do things I shouldn't do.. like.. do shots of tequila at the bar, and allow random guys to photograph my boobies w/their cell phones...
or.. allow random girls at the bar feel me up.. cuz they don't believe me when I tell them that "yes.. they are real.. implants here"
or, I turn into a real bitch..I mean.. a real bitch.. only at the bar, when guys try to pick up on me.. why? Cuz I find it humorous.. the more bitchy I get.. the harder they try.. and they buy me more drinks.. but when I try to be nice, they don't pay any attention to I cuss them out, I put them down, I tell them off, I don't encourage them.. the more I do this.. the more drinks they buy me..
Weird really..

3) I love whole in the wall, po-dunk, urine smelling, sweaty, dirty bars. Low class society bars. I feel like I'm the princess among all the derelicts of society... what no one realizes is that I'm just poor as they are :)

4) I spend at least 2hrs a day surfing the web while I'm at work.. my boss would be so disappointed in me... but... It's how I pass the day...

5) The guys at work have come up w/a new nick name for me.. "Rain Women" as in Rain Man... because I rattled network stuff off to them w/out thinking.. I guess that's a good thing right?

Ok.. that's it.. I'm gonna tag..
hmmm.... everyone.. who hasn't been tagged yet..

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thumb wrestling - it passes the time

Went back to the dentist yesterday to figure out why exactly I'm still so sore, and cant open my mouth (probably a good thing I'm single right now.. cuz the poor man wouldn't be getting any blow jobs :)

Come to find out, I have an infection in my cheek.. there's a huge lump in the upper right corner of my cheek that I didn't notice, cuz well ... I didn't.. until the dental hygienist stuck her finger in my mouth and was probing around.. I almost hit her, it hurt so freaking bad!!!!

So, now I'm on antibiotics to kill the infection..but hey. I don't have to go in next week for that other filling.. woo hoo!!!!!

The sun is finally trying to show it's beautiful ray of light.. I'm really really hoping that Spring finally comes out to play!!!!

Got a random text message from my Beneficial buddy... he's always telling me that he doesn't chase tail.. so I figured I was tired of trying to put it together all the time, so I stopped contacting him (I know.. how childish of me) but hey.. he sent me a txt the other day to let me know he's been thinking of me, and wants to get together really soon :) oh yeah..that made me happy.. cuz..well.. I really really need to get laid!!!!

What else.. nothing.. I got nothing.. sad isnt it?
Work is still a pain in my ass.. I know longer enjoy my job.. which really sucks... with that being said, my boss decided to pile more projects onto me.. why?

hmmm... I get to go pick up a dog tonight.. I belong to the local Mastiff Rescue..
So, I get to pick up a 1yr old female tonight.. she's got a bum leg, so I get to get her all healthy, and then ship her off to a permanent home.. that's assuming the kiddletts don't fall in love with her.. and I can pretty much say they will.. but.. she WILL be going to a permanent home!!!!

And that's it.. ain't that sad?
My life is turning into nothing..
But.. Summer is around the corner.. hopefully something exciting will start happening.. cuz Im getting bored and restless.. and when I get this way.. I start doing things I shouldn't be doing!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ramblings.. of nothingness

.... it's been about 2 weeks since my last post... and I really have nothing exciting to say.

I went in for a routine filling last week, and come to find out, that the two other teeth around it were rotten (all those drugs I did when in high school has totalled my teeth) and so 3.5 hrs later my bottom 3 teeth on my right side had to be drilled and reconstructed. I kept telling the dentist to just yank them all out and give me dentures, but he says that believe it or not, the roots and bones are still good and it would be cheaper to work with what I have..
Another reason why drugs are so damn nasty!!! At least my teeth arnt all black and nasty!
The previous fillings on those other teeth were loose and therfore were rotting underneath.. GROSS!!!

Anyhow... it's been a week, and now my cheek is swollen & hurts like hell, and I cant open up my mouth very wide. Dentist suck!!!!

Ive lost another 1.5 lbs... slowly chipping away at this weight.. lets see.. I have aprox. 27 weeks before leaving for Cabo.. I figure if I can loose a pound a week - that's 27 pds that will be gone.. plus the 12 Ive already lost.. I'll be looking fine as hell!!!!
That's assuming I keep up w/the gym.. like Im suppose to!

Anyhow.. Im looking for a new job.. Ive hit a road bump here, and I dont wanna be here anymore. I want to move back to Idaho so badly.. but there are absolutely NO jobs over there. I got offered one last week, but I would be taking a $1000 a month cut in pay.. that's to much! So, I turned it down and let them know that when they want to pay me more to give me a call ;)

And Im out.. that's all I got..


Thursday, April 10, 2008

I will see you on the other side..

Received a phone call last night..
A very dear friend of the families was killed in a motorcycle accident in Texas on Monday.

Was out running errands, hit some debris in the road, and went approx 20 ft, landed on his head.
Died upon impact.... the bike went approx 225 ft.

Our local coroner arrived at his wife's house, here in town (as he was down there for his job)
to notify her.

She was headed to see him on Tuesday, and he was coming home w/in the next few weeks.
She had just spoke to him an hour prior to his death.

Please explain to me, how a man can be taken so quickly?
There are derelicts of society sitting in our prisons, roaming our streets, that continue to take the breath that you and I breath..... and yet, death takes the life of a man, who was truly good!

The wife has to fly to Texas, pick up his ashes, and bring them home.
Carry her husbands ashes onto the plane, and then put the "box" under the seat.

I can not fathom her agony. I know how I feel, and he wasnt my soul mate....

My heart goes out to the family..
Words can not express the loss...

I will see you on the other side..
Have your "scooter" ready.. we will go for a ride, you can drive.. :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Down & Dirty

For the past several years, I have had a beneficial friend.. but first, let me provide u with a little background.

I once worked with this girl.. and she would tell you straight up, she only dates bald black men.....
in fact, when I first started my job.. that was on of the first things she told me.. I suppose she felt it was a shock factor.. umm..OK..

She met a guy on line.. she started dating him.. her and I became friends, hanging out together after work.. so forth.. well she decides she's going to fix me up w/his roommate.. who was his cousin.. OK.. sounds good...

That night was a trip to say the least.. I met up w/the cousin.. who stood maybe 5'6 - I'm almost 5'9..I never thought height was an issue, although this night.. it was a little awkward.. we drank, we talked, we had dinner, all very harmless.. well when short man figured out he wasn't gonna get me in bed.. he ran off to bed... my friend ran off too bed as she had had to much to drink..
that left me.. with her boyfriend.. who is one fine fucking bald black man!!!
For those of you who have read my post's before, you have read about him...

That night, he hit on me.. I turned him down.. that ain't right.. in my eyes...
I told my friend the next day... she confronted him.. and he of course denied it.. and that started the downward spiral for her & him.. and her and I..

I did end up hooking up w/the cousin... oh come on people.. a women has got to try things out ;)
and for a short man.. he wasn't bad.. and what does it matter when your laying down? Right? Right..

Fast forward.. they are no more.. her and I are no longer friends..
the boyfriend and I, ended up becoming friends thru the whole thing, alot of drama played out.. he would come to my house for advice, mind you, nothing would happen.. until one night, I decided I couldn't keep my hands off of him.. and one thing led to another, and I had one of THE best nights I had ever had up to that point....

It's now been approximately 5 yrs... and he and I have been enjoying each other's company.. sometimes alot every month.. sometimes, ever few months.. just depends on whats going on in each of our lives...

Once upon a time, I thought I was actually falling for him.. but I gave myself a quick talking to, and decided no.. he was/is way to much of a player for me to get caught up in that shit... I don't need the headache... or the heartache.. so.. I cut things off..
and then he would call.. telling me he missed what we had..
so.. I would invite him back..
then cut things off..
invite him back...
then cut things off...
invite him back..
And each time he came back, the chemistry was more intense.. more fulfilling.. more orgasmic!!!! (is that a word?)

Last time I enjoyed his company.. was on New Years...
oh.. no.. I mean Sunday night..
and.. well.. um... O M F G!!!! (that's = oh my fucking gawd)


I don't know if it was because it had been over 3 months.. I don't know if it was because he has been working out and, holy wow... he is ripped!!! I don't know if it was because Ive been loosing weight, and toning up... so I am a little more open and adventurous.. I don't know..

But I'm here to tell you now.. He's cuming...over tonight..
why do I tell you all this?
Well because..
I'm exercising..oops.. I mean.. sexercising..
toning up..
getting my leg curls in.. and moving my hips.. and practicing my kegels... hehehe...

Ladies & Gentlemen.. I'm getting laid.. oh hell yeah.. laid..
I know.. some people think it's a personal subject.. but I'm here to shout it from the rooftops..
I'm gonna get me some of that man tonight.. and holy shit!!! It's good!!!!!
He makes my body sing!!!