Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tis the Season - So be happy damn it!!!

Thanksgiving came and went this year, 7 days off from work, and I was down and out with the wonderful flu.. I have never, in my life, hurt so much and been so miserable.. I would go thru natural child birth to not have to endure that again, at least w/child birth, you know it will end soon. with the flu, you just wish to die... to not have to endure the pain, the agony!!! Oh the agony..

Christmas is fast approaching, and this year, I am actually going to embrace the Holiday and be thankful for what I have. I know, this shouldnt be something new, but in years that have come and gone, I never really have embraced Christmas, I have always dreaded it. Granted, this year (like most) will be a small Christmas. But I am actually going to attempt to remember what the Holiday truly means. To me, its not about the birth of Christ, as w/most. Because I was raised w/a differant religious preferance than most who may read this. But I am actually going to do a few things this year to make this Holiday better for me and my family.

1) I will be thankful that I have a home
2) I will be thankful that I have my children (no matter HOW much they bug me for and IPOD)
3) I will show my kids, that Christmas is not about what you recieve, but what you are able to give (i.e. love/comfort/support/kind words)
4) I will not allow the affect of others w/in my home to be a downer upon myself (read previous post's and you know there are other idiots living w/me at the time) ( D - I took in a couple homeless guys.. I dont suggest it)

There will be more added to that list, sad that I can only come up w/4 things.. I know there are more, I just need to put more thought into it.
I have always wanted to assist w/the homeless situation (no T & J I wont bring anymore homeless people into my home) but I was thinking, to show my children that things at home are NOT as bad as what could be, maybe assisting at the local soup kitchen, helping w/serving or arranging a food drive. Something.. there has to be something.

Ok.. Thank you to everyone who reads this and comments, I look forward to the comments and the reads... and I hope everyone has very Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Step up onto my Soap Box

I do apologize for not checking in sooner, but life has been a jumble of confusion and mass irritability.

Bear w/me, as I jump up on my Soap Box & poor me attitude.... ok.. here it goes..
Im a single mother of 2 beautiful children... 12 & 9.. Im 33 yrs old, and have a hell of a time making ends meet. I work fulltime, which actually averages out to about 55 hrs a week, and do my best to show my children about honor, honesty, hard work, achievments, good decisions, so forth and so on. I make pretty good money.. I mean, not alot, but Im doing alright, and I dont recieve child support, as their fathers are ignorant/self centered/assholes..

With that said, I work and work and work to provide a home for my children to teach them right from wrong and to stand on their own two feet, so why is it, that I cant get any type of additional assistance from the state governmant. I pay into it, every payday, money is removed from my check to support those lazy ass individuals who depends on the state of Washington to support them. Yet, I cant get alittle additional help w/medical costs or food allowance. Im not saying that I deserve it, but I am saying, that yeah, I could use an extra $100 a month for food...
there are certain individuals (that will remain nameless) that sit at home, do nothing, watch soap operas, game show's, and Jerry Springer, just waiting for the beginning of the month to roll around so they can go out and shop. Yeah.. pisses me right the hell off! I cant get any assistance, as I sit here and watch my power bill raise due to winter, gas prices being astronomical, car maintence, food, car payment, house payment, ect ect ect.. yeah I know.. shut up V.. and just deal w/it.. thats life, you learn to live w/it, and then you leave the earth and carry on...

I was on welfare when my son was first born, back in 1994... I was still working, but just didnt make enough to support me and my son, Im telling you it was the most embarrassing thing in my entire life, back when food stamps were actual paper money.. before they put it on the credit cards that they have to day. But I remember the sneers, jokes, and disgusted looks that I recieved at the grocery store paying for my food, I recall paying for groceries, when a girl asked her mother what I was using to pay for my food, her mothers reply, "those paper dollars are for lazy people who wont get off their asses and work" Now, wait a minute!!! Um.. I was still working, my hours were cut down due to the time of year, I was living w/friends, but still had to pay my own way... so, needless to say, my mild/meek self just couldnt let it slide.
I turned, I looked Bertha up and down, and I ripped her a new ass... Have you ever walked a mile in my shoes? Do you have any clue WHY I may be needing assistance from the state? Do you even know a PIECE of my story? NO! you dont, so do not EVER pass judgment upon someone else until you know the real story, the history and they WHY's!!! So Fuck you very much! Buh bye now!!!

I know.. Im kind of contradiciting myself in this post.. however... I totally understand being on state assistance because of necessity sickness/disability(as long as its legite disability) family issues, no education, the real reasons... necessity.. because you HAVE to.. not because u want to.. I get all that..Im talking the ones who are just to selfish and/or lazy that will not get a job to do better for themselves.. those are the ones that piss me off..

Ok Ok.. big Soap Box..
Take care..


Monday, November 07, 2005

Another Week.. Another Dollar

Its Monday ya'll... oh joy fucking joy fucking joy...

Monday's suck... I cant wake up this morning, could it be because I was stuck here (being work) on a Sunday for 4 hrs. Granted its double time, but damn! its a Sunday I am overload, I feel an emotional/mental breakdown coming on, hell, Im gonna go commit a crime to just be able to take a vacation, I will plead insanity, and then I will get a 2 week stint at the local psych ward! I get a bed, 3 meals a day, that I dont have to cook, hot shower and lets not forget.. drugs... blissful happy drugs, all legal mind you. I would be ok w/all that!

Anyhow.. my weekend.. Friday night was a freakin joke..lets see, my daughters father and I got into a large argument.. nothing really new there, as we argue all the time, got home Friday night after taking the wee ones to a "sock hop/harvest festival" at the girls school, it was actually alot of fun.. any how.. got home, and W was, well, pissed off, is actually putting it mildly. He was like a Tiger in a cage who just got shot w/a 30/30! And, me being the bitch that I am, I started laughing at him.. he's ranting, he's raving, he's pissed, his head is about to spin around on his neck. And me, Im laughing at him, hysterically laughing at him and I cant stop. Now, word of advice, dont ever laugh at someone when they look like poltergeist K! K! In the 17 yrs I have known this man, I have never NEVER seen him this pissed off.... in all honesty, I dont remember what the argument really was about, except the fact that he wasnt getting his way, I really do believe he thinks that everyone should tow his line, and do his bidding.. well guess what.. um.. nope.. didnt do it when we were together, aint doing it now... but thats what the problem is, he figures that he's been dealt the shit deal in life, so therefore, those around him should cater to his every need. um.. let me think about this one.. Fuck No!!! DumbAss!

Well, the rest of the weekend, turned out alright, Saturday the wee ones went and stayed the night w/some friends, I was gonna go out and get my drunk on, as after Friday..I kind of needed it.. but, then I decided, I just wanted to spend the evening alone, curled up on the couch, and watch stupid movies..all by my wee little self, so I kicked W out, and R (he's the other roommate) told them to be gone, and I did! I sat home, ate like a freakin' pig, which I will pay for at the gym tonight, and watched corny movies. I watched my most favorite movie of all time. Hope Floats...
So just remember...

You just have to give Hope a chance to Float up.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

OH Sleepy Dreams..Where are you??


I just wanna sleep, why cant I sleep?
My mind wont turn off
Things running through
Images flashing by
Did I pay that bill?
what's that noise?
The dop pacing back and forth
acting like a soldier protecting its home.
I have to complete that report at work
what's the time line?
Do I have all the information
Do I have all the proper materials
Are my kids happy?
Did I turn off the stove?
I should of stayed up later and done more laundry
I need a smoke
non stop thinking
deep breath.....
no thoughts.....
just wanna sleep....

oh.. I have Vicadin!!!!
Nighty night!!!
sleep tight..
as snug as a bug in a rug!!!
ah... Finally... Dreams....

I finally slept!!!
Yeah me!!!!