Tuesday, September 12, 2006

5 yrs later - one day short

Im not a polital person. I have personal things in my life that keep me very busy and focused on. However, yesterday was a very sad day for our Nation. 9/11..... 5 years later
where was I?
Just rolling out of bed.. alarm clock goes off, and I hear... a 2nd plane has hit Tower 2...
moments after the first Plane hit Tower 1...
I race out of bed, and head to the TV to turn on the news.. and I sit and watch horrified at what is happening.
It takes me twice as long to get ready for work, and get the kids off to school as we are all mortified at what is happening to our Nation. Our country is under attack.

Work was null and void.. 400+ employees' sat mesmeriezed in the lunch room watching on television at the horror that was taking place...
Our President, our Leader.. was forced to leave where he was to take flight in Air Force One..
but the communication systems were down... not working appropriately.. do you think he felt helpless? I believe he did..
Cheney ok'd for any commercial flight to be shot out of the sky.. thank God that command did NOT float down to the fighter pilots in the air...

Millions of people were affected by that day 5 years ago.. Thousands of people lost their lives. I was affected. My children were affected. They were so young, they did not understand the why.. or who... I didnt understand the why or who.. but what I do understand is we couldnt just sit still and not do anything. To sit back and portray the message that we would allow for terrorist's to come into our Country and allow it to be blow apart, lives taken...Children lost their Mothers & Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Brothers, Sisters... We lost family memebers... We lost a piece of us...

I remember... and I bow my head, every night and I pray for those that have lost.. not only on 9/11 but for those that are out there fighting the fight to keep us safe.. War sometimes is the only answer.... and I will defend that until my last breath...
God Bless all our hero's... Our Nations Men & Women who put their lives on the line everyday to protect our land for our children, and our childrens children.


Monday, September 11, 2006


Who am I, you ask?
Day to day I still try to figure that out
I guard myself,
closer and closer every day
I do not trust well
Once I give myself
I give whole heart, mind, body & soul
hurt has been deliverd time and time again
and now there is a wall... bigger & stronger than any
ever built
very few have gotten thru..
those that have, are always cherished
and loved
I hide behind a wall of sarcasm & indifference..
but am I worth getting past?
I like to think so.. but, that will be up to you...
The bullshit needs to end..

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friendship's... counted on one hand

My father always used to tell me
" You can count the number of true friends you have, on one hand"
During my teen years, I always thought what did he know? He's just my dad... and knew NOTHING about being a teenager and growing up.

Then all the sudden, in my 20's I realized how intelligent my father really was.
Your true friends are the ones that you can count on for everything in life. Tho ones that will never judge you, never test you, always hold your hand (or your hair while your ill) will confide in you, and to whom you can confide in. The ones who have always been there, in good days and during dark clouds. Will love you, respect you, cherish you and support you.

But it was recently, that I truly found out who my real friends are. The ones that truly love, care, accept, respect... the ones that dont question my remarks, dont question my ideas, my thoughts, my attitude. They know why I am the way I am, they know WHO I am. I dont have to defend myself to them. They ACCEPT me.. for me!

The last few months, my eyes have been opened to those that I thought were friends. But come to find out, when I tried to share my feelings w/a few individuals that I felt our "friendship" was strained. I was informed... I was causing needless drama. WoW! Needless drama when Im trying to tell you, that I was hurt & concerned at the road our friendship was going down... ok... I have just a few words for you.
Take care, Good luck, and best of luck in all endeavors that you set out to achieve.
oh.. and one last thing.. Screw you! I will never again, bother you with my feelings, my thoughts, my emotions. Glad your there for everyone else.. and I apologize for ever wanting to be there for you. Guess we never had what I thought was a friendship. Your loss... not really mine. But thanks for stabbing me none-the-less....oh wait.. Needless drama.. My Bad!!!

To those that I count as my friends.. to those that KNOW me, inside and out.. to those that dont ever question who I am, or why I say some things.. thank you.. I love you.. and I appreciate you.
You are on one hand. And, No.. it's not just my middle finger... ;)