Friday, July 27, 2007

Im outta here..just like that!!!

Ok everyone..

Moving day is just around the corner.. less than 48 hrs..
Im both excited and nervous..
but.. I know out of all 4 of my readers, you can understand both...
and if you do.. please explain the nerves.. anyhow..

Im off work all next week, and I havnt gotten the puter hooked up at home yet.
not sure exactly when either, it's kind of an un-warranted expense right now.
But.. I will check in sometime next week.

Take care.. thanks for all the words of insight & wisdom & silliness.

and ttyl!!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

5 Random Questions...

I had requested AR (Amourous Rocker, sorry I cant figure out how to link people.. Im just not that smart!) to hit me up w/5 questions.. and oh boy did she!!! Thank you for the questions, they really made me dig a little deeper into myself..
So.. here they are.. and here I go..

Interview rules:
  • Leave me a comment saying “Interview me next" or "Hit me with your best shot" or something along those lines letting me know you're down to be questioned. :D
  • I’ll respond by commenting back on your blog with your five questions. I get to pick the questions.
  • You will then update your blog with a post containing your the answers to the questions.
    You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
    When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. What is your happiest memory so far this year?
My happiest memory this year, there have been so many.. but most of them are trivial. then again, how can they be trivial if they made me happy? To pick one particular memory doesn't do justice to the others. So how can I choose just one? My kids I guess make me the happiest. Watching them succeed at things that they find difficult. So, I'm going to pick watching my son not step out of the batters box, and actually connecting w/that ball and hitting deep left field to make a home run. That was extremely exciting. Then the next (as they both run parrell) is watching my daughter do her first dance recital in front of 500 people. Two of my most fondest memories this year!

2. What are you addicted to?
I currently have two nasty vices. Smoking & coffee, although is coffee really a nasty vice? The smoking is slowly cutting down, but after all my other addictions in life that I have over come, I think I'm doing pretty damn good. I gave up meth, acid & pot, which were three of my most favorite forms of entertainment back when I was a teenager. But, I can honestly say that I have been clean and sober off the drugs now for hmmm... almost 15 yrs.. is that right, has it been truly that long.. ooohhh..YEAH ME!!! (sorry, just had to pat myself on the back there)

3. If you could take 2 personality traits you posses and change them in for 2 different traits, what would you change and why?
My Anger - I wish I could take my anger and turn it into serenity/contentment. I have dealt with anger issues since I was a just a wee one. As I grew older I would have black outs and hurt either myself, someone else, or break things. I went thru anger management when I was around 14, due to some home life issues and I did learn self-control. But there are days when I can feel the anger swirling inside of me. It takes everything I have to control myself. One of these days I'm so afraid of just snapping and letting loose. But, I haven't done that now in years (last time I ended up in juvi) every day is a new day and I keeping thanking the higher powers that be for that control.

Im really having a hard time w/the second trait, cuz it makes me realize who I truly am. So many things come to mind, my bitchiness, my self esteem, my bitterness...oooh.. that's the one.. my bitterness. Im a bitter person towards people who screw with me and whats mine. I wish I could take that bitterness and turn it into indifference. To allow it to be like water on a ducks back, just let it roll right off me and disappear. But I hold grudges to those to do me wrong or hurt my loves. I tend to get even one way or another, actually, I really do believe in Karma.. and I know some day, they will get theirs, and I have seen them get theirs, but I shouldnt be so ecstatic when it does happen.. Im evil.. I need to really find that happy medium!

4. You have free and unlimited access for 3 days to a private jet and money isn't an object, where are you going?

1) Sweden - My mother's family is originally from Sweden, they came over in the 1800s and settled in MN, my Great-Grandmother was disowned when my Great-Grandfather passed away. The story goes, that when he passed away, it was the way of the old, that if there was an unmarried brother, then he was to take over the family care of the one who was deceased. Well when my Great Uncle came to take my Great Grandmother home, she basically told him to go um.. well F himself .. so she was disowned along w/her 2 children... so I have a ton of family there and I would love to go and meet them

2) Egypt - my son is infatuated with the Pharaohs and Egypt and the tombs and temples. I think it would be an awesome trip to go explore all the ruins.

3) Money not being an object, I would like to travel the U.S. and attempt to help the homeless youth. From my own experiences I want to attempt in some form or fashion to help the youth to get off the streets, off the drugs and help them become successful in life.

5. What are 3 of the most important things to you in life currently?

1) My family - they are the world to me, w/out my children and my family I wouldn't be here.
2) My dog - I love that jumping little flea.. my daughter rescued her from an abusive home.. I feel a kinship w/the dog, she was an outcast and now she's loved and wanted.. I love animals more than most people..
3) My blogger buddies - I look forward every morning for the silliness, words of wisdom & insight. I feel that w/out the land of blogger so many people would be lost and would end up holding in what should be let out. So many would end up pulling the rifle out on top of the local Dairy Queen and taking pop shots at the double dipped chocolate cones that walk out the swinging doors. That's just not acceptable, we as a society really need to leave the double dipped chocolate cones alone..

Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Madness..

I got these from Weekends.. I picked last weeks' cuz I liked the questions better than this weeks.. I may do this weeks too.. but I dont know.. Im flighty like that.. so there....

1. Do you feel that children these days are disciplined enough?
No, I feel that kids now days have no respect for their elders, no respect or common courtesy for those around them. They seem to expect their parents to bend over backwards and hand them what ever they want on a silver platter. For example... my son came home last year, and asked me if I even loved him... "where is this coming from"
Well turns out, a kid at school told him that I didnt love him because I wouldnt buy him anything he wanted, that kid's parents bought him whatever he wanted.
My son asked him when was the last time him and his parent sat down to a family dinner and just talked, about the day, school issues, the news going on in the world.
To which the kid replied, I dont talk to my parents... the work all the time.

My point exactly, to many parents have demanding jobs, leaving their kids as latch key children, or just leaving them alone. Trust me I get the demands of the job I get all that.. but you do NOT buy your kid whatever they want.. it's just a way to shut them up, and to clear your conscious...
ok.. soap box..

2. What are your thoughts about the "time out chair?"
I think it works to a point, but after awhile, what's the big deal about time outs? Depending on the crime, depends on the punishment. For small children, I would say up to maybe 2nd grade, the time out chair is effective.. but after that.. it would be dependable against the crime.

3. When YOU were a child, what form of discipline did your parents use most often?
Ha!!! When I was younger, there was very little punishment for me, I was a good wee child.. then again I was raised with the fear of God. He would spite me, and if I wasnt careful he would knock me down. As I got older, grade school I would say.. it was the image of the wooden spoon that terrified me. Thankfully it was never used on my ass.. but I had seen it's mark left upon my brother a time or two..

As I got older, and I become more problematic.. it was belt buckles on bare ass, willow switches that I had to pick from the tree,hairbrushes that didnt brake, spatulas, sometimes whatever was in reach of my father when he felt that I needed a good "smack".... once or twice it was a slap from a hand.. and I believe there was a fist once too..

4. Did your parents have to constantly remind you of the guidelines they set for you, or did they just have to LOOK at you as a "gentle" reminder?
No... it was well ingrained into us children you treat your elders w/respect, and you use ALL your manners around others, yes please, no thank you, yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am. whatever the case may be, I was a very polite child, even when I was doing drugs and strung out.. I still used my manner.. I think that's the one thing all that church going did for me..

5. What are your thoughts about screaming kids in public places?
It depends.. really it does.. if you just told the kid no.. and it starts screaming.. well pick it up and go outside.. dont walk around the damn store letting the kid throw a fit.. holy one else wants to hear it.. duh!!!! How many times I have left a cart sitting in the middle of a walk way and just walked out of a store because my daughter decided to throw a fit??? Gawd Im so glad her wee years are over.. now.. I will just leave her there :)
If the kid has fallen out the back of a shopping cart because of parental neglect.. then.. throw the parent down and let them hit their head and see how it feels..
oh wait, I got off topic...sorry..
Take the kid either outside, or into a restroom.. calm them down.. one wants to hear it... babies are different, anything under the age of a yr old.. that doesnt count.. but over that.. you can talk to them.. and get them to calm down..

6. What do you feel is the BIGGEST mistake parents make when it comes to disciplining children?
Ignoring what is going on.. I did that for years w/my son.. until he was almost 4.. I figured he did no wrong.. and as he got older it got worse. It took 2 yrs of me constantly on his ass, all the time, day or night to get things turned around.. little did I realize I was making things worse by not doing anything.. OMG.. he was a holy terror..
He's 13 now, people are amazed at how well mannered he is, well behaved, polite, kind blah blah blah.. Im proud of both he and I.. we came along way.
Same thing w/my daughter.. but I think that's the biggest problem.. there is no discipline in society.. I truly believe there is nothing wrong w/a good swat on the ass.. Society has taken discipline away from the schools... taken it virtually away from the parents... so now we have all these kids out there that have no respect for anything.. not for whats around them, whose around them not even for themselves.

What the hell kind of world are we giving to our kids?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tumbeling tumble weeds

I have been living w/family for the last year. It's been a hectic, stressful home life for me and my wee ones. However Im happy to report that I finally have decided that my bills are paid enough to take the plunge into a single home life w/just me and them.

So as of tomorrow at 4:30 PST, I will have signed my life away for a 3 bedroom/2 bath, 1212 sq ft apartment. $400 more a month than a pay now, but.. it will be mine.. and I will be able to do as I please. Have friends over for dinner and drinks, allowed to lay on my couch and watch what I please. If I find it necessary I can run the house in my t-shirt and shorts and not wear my bra!
Oh the freedom that I will have once again!!!

Moving in w/family met dual roles. Helping both of us out of some finicial situations. But a time comes when one must fly away.. and I thank my family for all they have done not just for me, but for the wee-ones too.

Time to spread my wings, get my life out of a 10x10 storage unit and lay in my own bed! It will be like Christmas.. only in July, as I havnt seen most of my things in over a year. To be surrounded by MY things. My couch, my bed, my dishes, my pictures, mine mine mine mine mine!!!! Yep.. ALL MINE!!!

I will be taking the last week of July off.. 7/30-8/3.. to unpack, put away, throw away and relax when I can.. to become one w/my new surroundings.. and be happy happy happy.. Im truly hoping this will help w/that red hue of anger that is always on the out skirts of my mind.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do Wa Diddy.. Diddy dum diddy do!!! Adult Content!!!

Good Day all..

There be the girls.. that's them in all their fine glory.. that would be the night before the do wa... when they were still clean, and un marked.. cuz you see.. when the Do Wa hit's.. the sharpie pens and mardi-gras beads come out.. and well.. I eneded up w/20 signatures this year.. I even de-virginized a couple guys w/sharpie tittie signing.. 101!!! hahahaha..
ok.. so be nice w/your comments.. remember.. everyone has to PLAY NICE!!!!

Do Wa updates coming at you..

I apologize, as I havnt downloaded any pictures.. there was alot of jello shots going thru the weekend.. I started my day off at 10 am, w/a nice shot of jello, followed by a tall cup of Bacardi & coke.. it's my favorite drink!!!

I would say a little over 1100 bikers and their friends showed up. I do believe a good time was had by all... many many pictures were taken, I think I even vaguely remember my face squished between two set's of breast's.... w/my tongue sticking out.. haha.. I love boobs!!! And Im female!!!

Other than that... there were no issues, never usually is, which in it's self is kind of amazing when you get that many people together, all drinking and you get different types of "groups" together.

We raised almost $400 for the wet t-shirt contest.. My dad is the MC for that tittie contest, he is the biggest perv I have ever met, yet he does it in such a tastful way.. that's my Daddy.. and I love him :) I got to work security during the tittie contest, stand at the base of the stage and push people back when they get to close.. One of the other guys working w/me, yelled at me to turn around during the show.. and I turned, and there was a cooch right in my face.. that was a little more than I bargained for.. LOL.. he laughed and laughed.. thought that was hilarious...haha.. yeah.. not so much.. I love boobs.. but Im not really into other womens cooch.. call me weird.. but.. not my thing.. another gal got up to dance, and she decided that she needed to strip too.. until this stench went thru the wind.. OMG!!! I yelled up at her to wash that thing, it smelled vile... like rotten fish... sweat...mildew.. Im gagging just thinking about it.. blah!!!!

Anyhow.. some guy attatched himself to my hip.. he was a cutie, drunker than anything, and a little psycho.. I loved him.. he was freaking hilarious... he even sucked on my nipple.. hehe.. I get a little crazy at these things... he had friends who made a spody (sp?) was nummers... I drank that, ate the fruit.. and drank some more..

I think I finally got to sleep around 3:30 that morning.. I know more happened.. but.. Im sorry to say, I was I N T O X I C A T E D!!! and bit's and pieces are slamming back into my head at odd hours.. haha..

As more memories come crashing in.. and pictures come available.. I shall update..


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's up w/the title bar? Like I need this frustration today..
asshats!!!! Yadda yadda yadda.. blah blah blah..
that's the mood.. w/a touch of anger twinning its way thru... loving the red streak of anger.. just put's me on edge!!!!

Where to start..
Happy Belated Birthday America.. I spent the 4th of July driving.. to Canada..
Oh Canada....lalalalala.. sorry..dont know anymore than that..

Driving thru some mountain pass on our way to Vernon BC... tried to kill ourselves.
Ive had near death experiences, however, I dont think I have EVER put my childrens lives at risk before, and that was a whole new out of body experience. Driving down an 8% downgrade, going into a little town call Princeton.. the motor-home decided it didnt want to slow down or stop. Down shifted, it wouldnt slow down.. pumping the brakes, no help.. in 1st gear, standing on the brakes, locked the damn things up, switchbacks... Oh God!!! We were all gonna die!!!
But.. thank God.. we didnt.. but it was an extremely scary situation.. brakes were checked in the next town and they were good to go.. so we moved forward to our final destination....
Camping, swimming, dog show.. our meathead did well, he got dumped the first day, won his class and took reserve the second day, and the third day he won his class, and got best opposite (beat by a bitch) - drive home was hot, humid, sticky but un-eventful..

Other than that.. my life aint shit.. sad huh?!
this weekend I am headed to a little biker gathering in a small southern town of WA...
Do Wa Diddy baby!!! OMG.. I will download pics and write about that when I get back on Monday.. The Do Wa is always a good time, it's my job to obtain money for the "titty" contest, now see, in order for money to be gathered for the winners, one has to go around and "show their goods" I have NO problem flashing, there just boobs, and well even if I do say so myself, I have a nice set of ta-ta's... :) (if I get enough encouragment.. I may just post them here) And well, my dad sends me off to take donations from our fellow bikers!!!! There are anywhere between 700-1200 bikers that show for this event, a good time is had by all.. my other responsibilities are to be security.. now if you knew me, you would understand that I have NO issue here either, I have no problem getting in the face of some drunken 300lb dude... I should probably have some fear.. but I dont, maybe it's because of my past experiences.... or.. maybe Im just stupid!!!

Havnt heard from my fuck buddy.. well I have, maybe 2 emails, but nothing inviting, just a "had a great time, lets do it again" and a "hi" email.. that's it.. I did however hear from his cousin, wanting to know why I would meet up w/the f-buddy but not w/him.. as I told him, could be because the cousin is married and the f-buddy aint.. yeah.. I think that's a good answer!!!

Ok.. I think that's about it. Im looking so forward to a weekend of no kids, adult drunken conversation, the twins coming out, as they need some fresh air, and if I get really lucky, I will have some drunken adult action in a hot tent.. well.. that usually doesnt happen, only because Ive noticed in my old age Im starting to get a little picky when it comes to dropping my knickers! LOL