Monday, October 31, 2005

Rainy day's bring on the Downer Monster

I love the rain, why else would I live in the Pacific Northwest, however, there are times when I step outside and the drops from the heavens are still falling to the ground, that you realize there is a cloud hanging over your head.

Driving into work today, I looked over at an open field, that amazingly enough has not been bulldozed for more fucking housing, any how.. I see a dog limping across the field, thinly covered in the mist/fog, and as the dog come's towards the traffic, I realize, its a Coyote.... it stops, and looks, with its front paw bent up, a loan tan coyote, in a field, early in the morning, w/mist and fog surrounding it... and I swear, as I sat there at the stop light, and looked at the coyote, with the rain falling on my windshield, no radio, the kids were quiet, all we could here was the rain falling on the car, and the sound of the windshield wipers, and I swear, that Coyote and I had a moment... as we stared at each other, eye to eye, with the elements surrounding us, I heard him say.. stop devoloping my home! My family and I are being ran out, where will we go? How will I feed my children? What will I do, then he turned, and started back towards the thick fog, and w/one last glance over his shoulder I heard " Remember me, I too, am here, living, breathing and surviving" and then he disappeared among the fog, mist & rain...

Did I really see him? Did anyone else see him? Yes, he was there, the kids saw him and they too were just as memorized as I. And, then the light changes, and off to the hussle and bussle of the Monday morning commute and then I hear my son say, Mom..the coyote is heartbroken. You could see it in his eyes.

Yes, honey.. I know..
His day will come
He will be free
and able to roam where he's ment to be
all things come accordingly
and all things get what they deserve.
So mote it be!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Somedays are better than Others

Well I'll be a June bug on a hot summer night!!!!

Here at work, we have something called Thrive awards..
and today.. I found out I got a nice Thrive award...
I dont know from who.. and I dont know why.. all I know is
that I have an extra cash that is now burning a large whole in my pocket...

What ever should I buy???
Or should I be a good girl, and pay off a few of those over hanging bills???

Either way, its nice to be reconized for something..
and here I was HATING my job.

Thank you Corporate America! I appreciate it!!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Your Element is Earth
Your power color: yellow
Your energy: balancing
Your season: changing of seasons
Dedicated and responsible, you are a rock to your friends.You are skilled at working out even the most difficult problems.Low key and calm, you are happiest when you are around loved ones.Ambitious and goal oriented, you have long term plans to be successful.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something Fun

So I sent out an email, something stupid and fun to see what response's I would get back
the question was
One word..... Describe me in ONE WORD - just one. Send it to me (only me) then forward .

The response's were interesting...
Here ya go

Shane: Uninhibited
Shelley: Vibrant
James: Amazing
Mason: Amazing
Jon: Hottie
Stephanie: Adventurer
My Mother: MINE
Debbie: Vivacious

Just something fun... 2 guys thought I was amazing.. yet, they really dont "KNOW" me

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Random thoughts

Do you ever wonder, what you would change if you could go back in time and change some of the things that you had done?

Wow, I have made so many mistakes and have so many transgressions that I should be ashamed of. But seriously... Would I change any of it? Who would I be today if I had not dropped out of school? If I had not left home at 14? If I had not seen and done some of the unnecessary evils that I committed through out those adolescent teen years?
Would I still be who I am?
Then again, exactly who am I?
Do I even know who I am?
Do you know who you are?
Seriously sit down and think about it, how do you view yourself?
How do others view you?
I like to think Im fair/compassionate/kind/caring/sincere/funny/smart
a non-bullshitter I guess.
I live according to the rules that I have made up out of my own life, I don't break the law, unless I feel its absolutely necessary (well except for my lead foot when I drive)
I don't steal/don't commit any heinous acts upon others.

Im a good person. Im a beautiful person inside and out
so over all.. its a good thing that Im me
and that all the things Ive done through out my life has made me who I am today.
I may not be all that book smart, but sometimes you will get farther in life having "street" knowledge, than book knowledge.

Whats your thoughts?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, Monday

Its another fun filled day in the work arena..

My weekend.. nothing really to report
Went shopping at Costco.. they really need to change the name of that store, to something like, over $200 store, I can NEVER get outta that store under $200.. never fails.. and word of advice, never go grocery shopping when your hungry!! I bough crap that I dont need, nor do the kids.. oh well..

Saved a 7mo old pit bull from death, so needless to say, I now have a damn dog. Mind you, I love dogs, and I have been wanting one, but pits are NOT my breed of choice. But I couldnt allow them to put him down, long story short, he's an AKC registerd full blood Pit. He's adorable, Oscar the Cat Slayer is his registerd name. So what does that tell you?! So far, all is well, he's a lap dog, right now he probably weights about 40lbs, white/carmel color, good disposition, great w/the kids, hardly barks, but doesnt realize the strength & power that is behind him. Once he does, Im gonna have my hands full! And I thought the wee ones would be difficult. This would be one of those times I say "what was I thinking?"

In other news... my roommate (who's my ex) walked into his ex-wife's house to pick up his daughter, walked into his ex's bedroom (not sure why, not my business) and walked into a cloud of meth smoke. Nice huh? Anyhow, so he grabbed his daughter and his ex's other child and left, brought them to my house, contacted the father of the son (who has custody of his son because mom gave him up when he was 2 cuz she didnt really want him) and together they contacted CPS (child protective services) the local police wrote statements, and so forth and so on.
Now, this crack head is something else. I have known here for a few years and she is the most backstabbing/lieing/selfish/self centered bitch you will EVER meet. Not sure what he's planning on doing, as he has no way of taking care of her, he has no legal parental rights and he's sleeping on my couch for gawd sakes. But, nobody wants her to go to state care, so if push comes to shove I guess she could come to my house, however I would be the one who would probably be help responsible as R (the dad) is on probation and has a warrant out for his arrest as he's been neglecting his probation (can u say dumbass) mainly cuz he's been trying to take care of his job and daughter as I found out, he's known about this little drug habit for some time.

Stay tuned in for more drama... Happy Monday

Friday, October 14, 2005

Am I just a Bitch?

So, we have been extremely short staffed here at work, hiring freeze has been in full force, until finally management has realized that some of us have been working 12 hr days and working on the weekends. So finally, we get new-hires. Not FTE.. oh no, cant go there, but temps... to come in, do parts of our jobs, to make things easier on us, then they are gone... so we can end up working OT again.

So, I get myself a "newbie" I have to train her on a piece of my job, so she can pick up for me because Im covering 3 peoples position. So Im training, and I ask her a question if she had read one of our manuals and if she understood everything, cuz its kind of technical, I mean, Hi.. I work in the Telecommunications Industry for an SS7 provider.. we provide networking and database services across the world. Anyhow, I ask her if she was able to understand what she read and if she needed to sit w/Product management maybe to understand, ( I know for me, just reading the written word... Doesn't always understand, Im a diagram kind of gal) anyhow.. she looks me dead in the eye and says... " I do know how to read & Im a good reader"
K... um.. great.. Did I fucking ask you if you know how to read????!!!!

I mean, wow... Don't try to impress me, I don't sign your paychecks, but don't ever take that tone of voice w/me again and don't ever be so condescending. Must just be me, cuz it totally pissed me off.
Now, mind you, I have a rep around work of being a non-bullshitter. Im straight to the point, and could care less if I upset you or make you sad. Im not here to make friends, Im here to do my job, (which I completely enjoy) and get my paycheck to take care of whats mine. And Im damn good at my job, granted like everyone I do make mistakes.. but I will fess up and take full responsibility..and correct what I screwed up on. (doesn't happen often but it happens)

Where was I? So, about 3 min later, if that... I told her to go sit w/someone else, cuz she royally ticked me off and I just couldn't assist her anylonger..

So.. am I just a bitch? did I take it to personal? Or was she thinking that I was downgrading her

whatever.. I don't have time for this shit!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Ever have those days when you just want to be left the fuck alone?

I stayed home from work yesterday, as I have the worse case of bronchitas, and my co-workers are getting a tad irritated w/me for coughing and spreading my germs through the air ducts.
So, I left early Monday, and decided to say screw it, and stayed home yesterday. Well, I basically slept my life away yesterday after getting the wee ones off to school.

Last night, Im laying in bed, hadnt taken a shower, only brushed my teeth, feeling like death was standing at the foot of my bed, crookin' his wee little finger at me, saying.. "come here little girl, this big daddy wants to show you hell's kitchen" when in walks W... he's my daughters father who has been staying w/me.. he jumps on the bed, lays on top of me, and is kissin' my neck and running his hands all over me.

um.. hmmm....lets see.. WTF???!!!! I dont feel good, and I KNOW I dont look good, so get the fuck up jack ass!!! So Im twisting and Im turning, and Im bitchin' and its turning him on... dude just got it the other night (ok, so we aint together but damn that man can fuck!!! TMI huh?)
anyhow... I get pissy..then I go into a coughing fit, and so then he gets pissed, and finally goes downstairs.. he's gone for like an hr.... which is fine by me.. later!!!
So what does he do???? Are you ready for this? Are ya sittin down? ok.. he brings me up my favorite homemade mint chocolate chip cookies... and a glass of 7up... for me, he went downstairs and made me cookies.. cuz I didnt feel good... now is that a good man or what? It was so sweet of him.

So moral of the story..
Sometimes being a bitch does pay off...
All I wanted was to be left alone in my misery so I could die in peace. Is that to much to ask for?
Then the dumb-ass had to go and do something nice for me, so I couldnt even be pissy w/him? Yeah, I know..I should be greatful and thankful and whatever else.

Ok..I am... but again... what about me eating those few cookies, when I probably should of just taped them straight to my ass!!! haha.. more later

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

10 Facts Men Dont Know about Women

I dont agree w/all these... I actually love a good Mettalica concert...

1. We are more vulgar than you. We just aren't as loud.
2. We don't really mind when you leave the toilet seat up. It's evidence that you didn't piss all over it.
3. We drink till you're cute too.
4. Whoever told you that we love spooning is wrong. You fall asleep immediately, and we're pinned under your heavy, sweaty limbs, trying desperately to break free before you start snoring.
5. No, we don't want to listen to you play the Guns N' Roses song you just learned on your guitar (or bass or drums). We are not in college anymore. Sitting on your couch while you struggle through "November Rain" is painful. Have mercy.
6. "You are so smart" actually means, "You are so adorable when you try to act smart."
7. Sexy beats cute. Smart trumps sexy. Funny takes the pot.
8. When we say cool, really, wow, and huh, we're not listening, either.
9. We don't really expect you to like romantic comedies. We just make you watch them as a payback for all the baseball games, Metallica concerts, and Super Bowl parties we sit through with you. And for the record, we, unlike you, have yet to fall asleep in the middle of any of them.
10. We never fake orgasms. Okay, once in a while we do. But only for the sake of expediency.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why there was no looting after Hurricane Rita....  Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005

Ah...the wee ones

I love my sister Posted by Picasa

My kids are such photo hounds.. and clowns to say the least...
however for as much as they like to pretend they despise each other
this is one of the many pic's that they took together where they actually seem
to like each other...

Arnt they cute??? Now if they would just get a job and support me in the fashion I wish
to become accustomed to..all would be well..LOL.. just kidding.. Im not ready for them to grow up yet.