Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tis the Season - So be happy damn it!!!

Thanksgiving came and went this year, 7 days off from work, and I was down and out with the wonderful flu.. I have never, in my life, hurt so much and been so miserable.. I would go thru natural child birth to not have to endure that again, at least w/child birth, you know it will end soon. with the flu, you just wish to die... to not have to endure the pain, the agony!!! Oh the agony..

Christmas is fast approaching, and this year, I am actually going to embrace the Holiday and be thankful for what I have. I know, this shouldnt be something new, but in years that have come and gone, I never really have embraced Christmas, I have always dreaded it. Granted, this year (like most) will be a small Christmas. But I am actually going to attempt to remember what the Holiday truly means. To me, its not about the birth of Christ, as w/most. Because I was raised w/a differant religious preferance than most who may read this. But I am actually going to do a few things this year to make this Holiday better for me and my family.

1) I will be thankful that I have a home
2) I will be thankful that I have my children (no matter HOW much they bug me for and IPOD)
3) I will show my kids, that Christmas is not about what you recieve, but what you are able to give (i.e. love/comfort/support/kind words)
4) I will not allow the affect of others w/in my home to be a downer upon myself (read previous post's and you know there are other idiots living w/me at the time) ( D - I took in a couple homeless guys.. I dont suggest it)

There will be more added to that list, sad that I can only come up w/4 things.. I know there are more, I just need to put more thought into it.
I have always wanted to assist w/the homeless situation (no T & J I wont bring anymore homeless people into my home) but I was thinking, to show my children that things at home are NOT as bad as what could be, maybe assisting at the local soup kitchen, helping w/serving or arranging a food drive. Something.. there has to be something.

Ok.. Thank you to everyone who reads this and comments, I look forward to the comments and the reads... and I hope everyone has very Happy Holidays!


Danielle said...

Gurl you have a heart of gold! You took in homeless people? I understand that because I would if I had my own place but I am at mom-moms right now so you know. Anyways, they are definitely things to be thanksful for. It's not all the extra shit or materialistic stuff, it's the things people normaly take for grant it. Like: Shelter (house), hot shower, food, family and friends. All the rest is gravy. You know what I'm sayen?

Talk to yah soon, Im still tryen to wake up.

Barney said...

Oh D- its not as great as all that.. its more like.. one of them is my daughters father.. he's homeless cant hold a job, and has NO where to go.. but, he's my daughters father.. so then what?

the other.. again, has no where to go, just lost his job, and just needed a helping hand to get on his feet..

Well the helping hand is starting to shrink.. as Im done... but I guess w/out me, yeah, they would be on the streets...

Danielle said...

oh I hear ya on that. I do.

Ms Peculiar said...

Happy happy holidays to you!
I hate to hear that you were ill. I hate it when people act crazy when you let them in to your world like that.
Sending you thoughts of Tinsel!

Classy Diva said...

I'm glad to read that you are doing well. I missed reading your posts. Glad to have you back.