Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh.. Drama.. Puhleez!!!

I'm the youngest of three - I have two older brothers, Choo & Burnt (names are changed to protect the identities of others)

Choo is the oldest brother - he's got his head on straight, married to Weenie (its a girl) and she's actually one of my best friends... how often do you get to say that? That your sister n law is a good friend!? I personally believe that makes me very lucky.

Now.. Burnt... he's the middle child - Mr. Perfection Personified.. Mr. Do No Wrong!
He's my current nightmare.... Burnt has many children... claims to be a christian... and did I mention he thinks he perfect? I don't believe in his parenting style, which everyone has their own way to parent, I get that. Use the rod, don't spare the child kind of thought process...If I'm saying that right.

Anyhow.. Burnts oldest - Fryer Tuck - just turned 20 - and he is about as worthless as boobs on a nun..... Fryer Tuck was home schooled and was the gopher child, go for that, go get me this, you understand? He was the red-headed step child I suppose you could call it, not the current wife's son... but the son from a teenage evening where two hormonal teenagers had to much fun... Burnt always liked to tell Fryer Tuck he was the crash test dummy child.. I think that took a toll on Fryer Tuck.. cuz now - he's living in a motor home with his underage slut puppy girlfriend - he drives this motor home around town and parks it where ever - I guess we all should be happy at the fact that he at least has a roof over his head and is semi-warm during these cold evenings were having.... I'm off subject...

Anyhow.. Fryer Tuck got busted a few months ago for intent to deliver to an undercover officer.... can u say dumb ass! Fryer Tuck went to jail, and Burnt decided that he should step up and be a Daddy now - and instead of making Fryer Tuck deal w/his own irresponsible life choices, Daddy Dearest is making all the decisions.... Fryer Tuck decided that he wanted the drama off of him for awhile - so, he decided to start some shit between me and Burnt, by dragging my oldest, Monkey Boy, into the mix.

Fryer Tuck informed Burnt that he saw a video on you tube of my son smoking pot... which I know for a fact Monkey Boy isn't - long story... I just know! Anyhow.. here's my question to you...
If your child told you that he saw this video concerning your nephew wouldn't you call your sibling to inform them of this?

Well not in my family!
Burnt told Choo - Choo told Weenie - Weenie called me...
Now Burnt says that if Monkey Boy ever wants to come to his house again, he needs to take a piss test and pass it before he will allow him to hang out with his other children...
Amazing.. considering that Fryer Tuck is strung out on meth & Oxycontin and so is the slut puppy he's dating and they are there all the time - but that's different, as that's his son... not his nephew...

So.. Ive washed my hands of my Burnt..... I told his wife - (whom I like) that as far as I'm concerned - Burnt is no more - he's a hypocritical bastard - and those that live in glass houses should not throw stones...

Talking to Monkey Boy about all of this, and Ive learned over the years to tell when my son lies to me...he was saddened about how his uncle feels about him. I asked him if he had ever smoked pot, and he said no.. and yes, I do believe him... why? Because remember I was a strung out mess for many many years.. I know the signs.. I know my son isn't on drugs... and I know he hasn't tried them (yes I had him tested not long ago by his Dr)
I was strung out on meth for 4 yrs back in high school.. I smoked pot everyday for many years w/monkey boys father - before monkey boy came along... I know the signs.. and I know that Monkey Boy is clean...

Besides - he told me that his friends offered him some not long ago.... Monkey Boy said no thanks.. when his friends asked him if he was scared.. he said
"Guys.. have you met my Mother? She's a fucking Ogre.. she scares the shit out of me!"

I'm OK with that.. a little fear of your parent is healthy..
Don't you agree?


lurker in columbus said...

"a little fear of your parent is healthy.."

That fear saved my ass many times. So yes, I completely agree.

As far Burnt is concerned, F'em. He sounds like a prick and you (or your kids) don't need that in your life.

Barney said...

Im just saddened because he is my brother.. and yet Im so freaking pissed at him too...

I wish I would of had a little healthy fear of my parents when I was growing up.. but I didnt.. and that took me down a very long rough road...

So Lurker...I tried to check you out.. but your invite only..
thanks for stopping bye!!! Come again!

Ms Peculiar said...

OMG It feels so good to be back on BLOGGER!
I am reading back. It feels like coming home.
Damn kids better be a little scared.

The bible doesn't say spare the rod spoil the child. It says Spare the Rod HATE the child. Lord knows I love mine as much as I can!! hahhaha JK

so fb is only getting the Spanish speaking me right now.
haha I will tell you why in private.

I miss reading you!
and you are not an Ogre.


_love -love

Ms P

Krystal said...

Yes, healthy fear is a good thing!

I've written off one of my siblings. I've survivied.