Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Just need to breath

I totally forgot all about my little blog here.. well not totally forgot, just kind of put it to the far back areas of my brain and just left it to form cobwebs.

Well, August until about a week ago have been rather uneventful, so I suppose that’s always a plus, life has been trudging along. Work is work, home is home.

Until Friday.. when the police showed at my front door, with my 16yr old son. He decided to go out drinking with some buddies… then proceeded to get in a car w/some 22 yr old dumbass, who thought it would be fun to go joy riding…. They crashed… no, my son wasn’t driving… he was a passenger, the 22 yr old guy was driving.. he provided the kids alcohol, my son went along for the ride because…well I don’t rightly know why he went along for the ride. I have talked to this kid over and over and over again concerning drinking and driving and how you NEVER get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Sadly, the transmission did not actually make it into his brain cavity and imbed itself.

No one was hurt during the crash, thank GOD! The car was crashed into a utility pole. The idiots walked away from the accident and left the car wrapped around the pole. The Police found them at the 22yr olds residence. My son was arrested and brought home. The 22 yr old was arrested and hauled to jail. With a DUI, contributing to minors, & Hit and run charges.

My son is looking at a MIP/MIC (minor in possession/minor in consumption) charge. Im an evil Mother and told the police that I want the DA to pick up the charges because my kid did something horribly wrong and made a horribly bad judgment call and I will NOT allow him to feel he can get away with this!

So, were waiting for the court date to see what’s next. I have never felt so disgusted with my son, nor have I ever wanted to physically harm him. I asked the officer if he truly wanted to leave him in my custody. Because I have a temper and I could feel the blackout coming on. I can honestly say I had to hold my hands together. I did not yell. I did not fight. I looked at my son and told him. I loved him, I was glad he was safe and that no one else was hurt. However I was so disgusted and disappointed in him that I couldn’t look at him and to go to bed. I spoke to him Saturday evening. Cuz it took me that long to calm down. The “what if’s” kept me up all night.

So now it’s a hurry up and wait game……

As for the rest of my life… I think me and the man are done.. I haven’t completely decided… he’s so needy, and insecure, and needy… yes I know I already said needy… but he is. And not independent. I thought it was cute for awhile, but over the last month OY. It’s getting tiring. Follows me around like a little puppy dog. I just can’t think anymore. More on that later. I just need to think about it.

My daughter is doing ok, she’s backed up again, which reminds me Im off to make a Drs appt for her.

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Candice said...

Wow, I can totally understand how pissed you would be. Kudos to you for not blowing it off like most parents would. I hope he learns his lesson and is scared straight!

He's very lucky he wasn't hurt.