Friday, February 10, 2006

Courageous Children

Driving in to work this morning, the rain has finally gone, and the sun was shinning, which was causing a traffic delay on the freeway as it was so bright and beautiful that it was blinding.
Listening to 106.1 over the last few days as they were doing their marathon for Childhood Disease's trying to raise money for the Childrens Hospital in Seattle (great cause donate now) , and realized as I was looking at the blinding sun rays, that I my life does have purpose, and I still have my children.

Im listening to Bender yesterday afternoon, as he plays back an interview w/an 8 yr old boy, who had cancer. Listening to the brave voice and words of a child who was so sick, but kept up such a brave front for everyone around him. Who defined in my eyes the true meaning of courage. As I am driving, I started to cry, thinking of my own children, and unable to even imagine for a second what it would be like to have to bury my child at the young tender age of 8.
After the interview w/this 8yr old (his name was Kevin) Bender the radio host starts to interview the father of this courageous child and you can hear the tears in his voice. Both the radio host and the father crying, talking about Kevin. And I realized, that I just needed to say Thank you to God. Selfish of me I know.. But, Thank you God, for not putting my family through such a horrific event.

To Kevin's family, the courageous 8 yr old, who lost his battle to cancer just before Christmas 2005. I am so very sorry for your loss.

To anyone who reads this. There are so many children out there, who have to fight day to day to just stay alive, to breath w/out pain and use every ounce of their being to wake up every morning.
Please donate to the Childrens Hospistal either w/in your own local community or here in Seattle. The monies go to research to find a cure for childhood disease so that these children can have a better chance at survival and to be able to wake up tomorrow w/out the worries and concerns that they currently have.

Please... support your local Childrens Hospital.

Fight today!!! For a better Tomorrow!!


Danielle said...

Wow gurl Im sorry. We are doin daffodil days here at work for children with cancer......donations and stuff. Its so sad.

Danielle said...


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