Saturday, April 22, 2006

Vacation Come & Gone

Well we made it safe and sound from our vacation.
The wee ones and I left on the night of 4/9/06 returned on 4/17/06
Headed out for our first "family" vacation.
What an 9 yr olds first cross
country flight.. Left Seattle at 12:34 am (red eye flights)
of course our plane was suppose to leave at 11, and was delayed over an hr
mechanical problems and it had to return to Phoenix before coming to Seattle
yeah.. made me feel a little uncomfortable...but hell.. were still alive!!!
Landed in Philly at 8:01 am.. ( we were so tired)
had enough time to make our connecting flight.. and headed to Baltimore
Landed in Baltimore.. my Mommy picked us up..
and we were headed off to the land of the unknown

Of course, my Mom couldn't get that day off work, so she dropped us off at her
house for us to get some much needed rest and she was off to finish up her day.
Now, to remind you.. my kids are 9 & 12... they slept just fine on the plane, I on the other
hand did not (as I cant sleep on planes) so they were ready to go!!!
I wanted to just lay down, close my eyes, and call it a day...or night..or whatever...just let me sleep!!!
I finally threatened them w/in an inch of their lives and we all slept wonderfully for almost 3 hrs!!!!! YES!!!!

The next day... we were well rested and ready to go...
sight seeing is a work out on it's own. Especially in Washington DC during Spring Break,
and right after they had some rally for the new Imagratution Laws that are trying to be passed.
Im not even going to comment on that!!!
So.. quick rundown... we visited Washington DC, The Mall, which is the stretch from the White House to the Jefferson Monument.. or is it the Lincoln? Hmmm... the Smithsonian, saw the Declaration of Independence (my daughters Great Uncle signed it on her dads side... not sure what # of the Great Uncle is.. but he's on there)
Mt. Vernon, George Washington's house...
National Zoo in D.C.
Hershey, PA... huge amusement park
Vietnam Memorial
Korean Memorial
Arlington National cemetery...
this I will comment on.. as they had the most heart wrenching memorial for all the lives lossed in our current conflict: Iraq
Now... I am a supporter of the War... These men and women of our military all died doing what they believed in, supporting what they may/may not believe in..but I believe they did it for one reason and one reason only... Defending our country... and for that, I thank them
This memorial really pulled at my heart strings..for a few reasons, one.. Some were so young..
just barely 18, 19, 20.... and families that were left behind, loved ones lost.
There is one that is a picture w/in my mind, the picture of the Soldier who was killed, and attached to it, was a picture of his daughter resting her head against his tombstone, and on the back it stated.. " I miss you Daddy.. and I love you"
We have all lost loved ones.. but I personally have never had one "taken" from me in war or violence..just old age... and I have never lost a loved one at a really young age
Im not sure what Im really trying to say here... but.. Thank you to our Armed Forces for defending the U.S.A. without you Men & Women.. Im not sure what type of world we would currently live in.

Anyhow.. to move on...
a lot of sight seeing, a lot of walking, and ALOT of rude ass people...
I hate people.. and you get rude w/me or my kids.. better watch out..
cuz I will get ya back..

Im in need of another vacation now.. one that is mind numbing, and restful..Preferably w/out
the kids!

Later Taters... Peace

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Mason said...

O.K. Now that I'm in this thing I can comment!


I enjoy your writing very much.

You are a very strong a powerful spirit.

But, why do you support the war?

If your son was old enough to be drafted, would you support it still? Or if he had to go to war? Would you support him killing other people because they don't like us?

There are a lot of people that don't like America, but why waste our time killing them? I just don't see any love in wanting to kill or hurt anyone.

If you have to defend yourself, that is one thing. But to go over to someone elses country and kill them becuase they don't like you, well, that doesn't sound to good to me.

Do you know what I mean?


What is it good for?


Why can't we all live in it?

But we can practice peace with our families and friends.

And respect those different from us. Instead of hurting them.

In my book, two wrongs don't make a right.

Anyways, My Dear!

Keep writing!

M a s o n