Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Questions to Ponder

My last post was concerning my vacation...
and w/in it I stated that I am a supporter of the war.
For reason's of my own.

However a friend of mine posted a comment and had some valid questions
so Mason, I will answer your questions, if not just because you hold a special
place w/in my heart....

Mason's Comment:

You are a very strong a powerful spirit. Thank you Mason.. that means something to me.

But, why do you support the war? I feel that it is w/in our rights as the country that came under attack from some barbaric forces to defend what is ours.

If your son was old enough to be drafted, would you support it still? Well...that's a double edged sword isnt it. But yes.. I would...

Would you support him killing other people because they don't like us? They dont kill just to kill Mason.. they kill to survive, and to remove those on this earth that wish to do harm. There is a differance between a cold murderer and someone who is doing their duty

There are a lot of people that don't like America, but why waste our time killing them? Why do they waste their time in killing Americans? Why do they waste their time on raping and maming and wasting what God has given them?

I just don't see any love in wanting to kill or hurt anyone. There is no love in it.. except for the love of your country and your fellow Americans. Except for the love in wanting to protect what is yours and to make sure that what you leave behind is a better future and tomorrow for their children, your children, my children. To make sure that their is a tomorrow for everyone.

If you have to defend yourself, that is one thing. they are defending themselves, and they are defending you, your neighbors, those that fight do it for their own reasons. They are not doing it just for the hell of it... they do it because they believe in it.

But to go over to someone elses country and kill them becuase they don't like you, well, that doesn't sound to good to me.Do you know what I mean? But yet, they came over to our country, and killed us? So, for America to turn tail and run? No... I dont think so... what makes it ok for others to come to our country.. our land of the free... those of us w/in the USA that have given them jobs, education, freedom... and then for them to blow up our people? Does that make it ok?

War.What is it good for?Peace? Yes... overall the outcome should be Peace...but some things, do take time, tears & sweat.. it will NOT happen over night

Why can't we all live in it? Mason, honey.. there will never be peace.. never has been.. and it wont happen.. but, you must fight for what you believe in. Whether that be helping others, hugging a tree, developing the cure for uncurable disease, or going to war with those that threaten you.... it's the way of the world... deal with it!

But we can practice peace with our families and friends. Yes.. you are correct here.. practice peace w/in our families.. with our friends and strangers you encounter on the street... but DO NOT attack what is ours.. because if you do.. just as Toby Keith states.. We will put a boot in your ass!!!!

And respect those different from us. Did we ask them to come to our homeland and attack us? Like a load of chicken shits? come in the back door and blow us away? To kill 3000+ of our brothers/sisters/mothers/fathers/aunts/uncles/cousins/friends/grandchildren? No.. we did not. So to sit back and do NOTHING... is NOT the American way... we defend what is ours... we figth to maintain F R E E D O M!!!

There are going to be alot that disagree with me. And Im ok with that. That's one of the best things about America. We have the freedom of speech. We have the freedom to disagree and the freedom to free press. The freedom to be who we are. We are off all races.. all religions, all creeds.. America as a whole is one large melting pot of Human Beings...

That's my story.. and Im sticking to it!!!



ProfessorGQ said...

I respect your opinions...we all have the after all...they are neither right or wrong.

Barney said...

Thanks Professor.... Again.. that's the great thing about America.. Freedom of speach..


Mason said...

Yes, war has been with us forever. But I don't support it. There are other ways of communicating to one another than violence and hatred. But, when you are dealing with terrorists and people that believe crazy shit, mindwashed with religious beliefs that in harming others gets you to heaven, etc., than rules are thrown into the wind.

Rules that demand respect. Kindness doesn't shine very strong with these people, the radicals. There really is no simple answer.

My main point is with war, always seems to be one somewhere, I personally would no go. Does that make me a coward? Someone not willing to go out and fight for what my country believes in? I guess I'm labeled as a hippie. And I hope as a tool from this earth to shine goodness, to follow what makes my heart sing, I will never have to kill anyone along the way.

War is such a dark subject.

I do appologize for digging into it like I did. The circle of argument will last forever, becuase there will (?) always be war.

But let's hope not!! =)

Let the love shine in,
and help us on our daily existance.

Peace and Love