Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday... things

I really dont have much of anything to post.. so I will post random items

1) Company holiday party Saturday night.. way after the holidays..
which I guess is ok... so anyhow... it was in T-Town at the Glass musuem, which was nice looking at all the blown glass sculptures. To recap the evening really quick..
a) I had to dress up.. skirt, heels, makeup, hair, nylons
normally this wouldnt be a bad thing.. but I dont dress up for work.. and I guess I had forgotten how much effing trouble it is to attempt to get all "gussied" up... and my feet still hurt :(
b) Suppose to be there by 7, didnt get there until 7:30, which not to bad, still got a nice table.. but not w/those I really wished to sit with..but they were still sociable people.
c) The food sucked!!!! But.. there was an open bar
d) I drank them out of rum.. and I didnt get drunk.. cuz there wasnt that much rum
e) My picture was taken.. holy shit Im fat!!!
f) My feet hurt
g) I never did get drunk
h) we left early, as my friends husband was bored.. and didnt want to be there any longer, and since I road w/them.. I kind of had to go...
which in itself was kind of a bummer, cuz the band was just starting and I wanted to kind of stay and socialize.. but.. I guess it's a good thing we left.. because we got back to her house........and well..........................................................................................
dinner didnt stay in my tummy!!! :(

2) Havnt heard from not so smart daddy.. which is fine.. whatever.. either he doesnt remember how to turn on his computer and check his email.. or.. he didnt understand what I wrote.

3) Im going to kill the dogs!!!! We have English Mastiff's the really huge drooling, giant, road block of a dog.. (we raise, show & breed) one of the bitches is in heat.. and the male is going INSANE!!!! picture 210 lbs of dog attempting to smash thru the door!! oh yeah.. it's been fun, I cant wait until that kennel is built.. finally got the funding.. yeah!!!!

4) I was just informed my tire is flat on my car :( yeah.. fun.. niiiiice

5) My coffee taste's funny...

6) Im hungry.. but.. the pics from the party, made me realize.. Im not so pretty anymore, Im starting to look like the good year blimp, think Jenny Craig would pay me to loose weight like they did for Kristie Alley? 2 things would be accomplished, I would loose weight and get money, 2 things I want and need badly!!

7) My son is 13, and is hormonal and if he doesnt straighten up Im gonna either end up in Western State or prison..

8) I found some old friends I went to high school with on myspace... it was fun to re-connect and chat and see how they are doing.

9) I think my fish is dying.. I have a betta on my desk at work, he's 4yrs I think, which is old for a betta.. his name is Bitchy Big Hair.. but, I think he's gonna be heading down that swirling pool of water soon. That saddens me!

10) My hands are dry... my lips are chapped, and my nose is clogged..
Its' gonna be a great day.


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