Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday - Woo Hoo!!

Monday's I usually wake up with the dread of the beginning of a working week.
Today however, I woke up, rejuvinated!

I got my hair cut on Thursday, and it's taken me 4 days to figure out how I like to fix it.
I walked out of the beauty parlor that night and thought I was going to die!!! D I E!!!
I wanted to cry, my hair looked so awful! I should of known tho, because they always fix your hair the way they want to, and well , it never quit looks good..

But, it's been 4 days and I love it now! The girls at work even said that I dont look so "bitchy" anymore.. that it makes me look softer.. LOL.. I had to laugh at that, what does that comment tell you about my personality???

Ive lost another 2lbs.. YEAH ME!!! I put on a shirt this morning that I bought 3 weeks ago.. havnt worn yet, but it's been hanging in my closet.. so I put it on this morning, and it literally just hung on me.. YEAH!!!!
I mean it was depressing, cuz I dont really have the money to be throwing around w/clothes.. but since the tags were still on it, Im taking it back and getting a smaller size.. then I put on a differant shirt that used to be to tight, and damn I look HOT today... LOL..

Other than that.. Im in a fantastic mood today.. amazing what a total of 15lbs weight loss will do to a person!!!

35 more to go and maybe just maybe I will post a scantly clad picture of myself.. or.. then again maybe not.. we shall see....

Peace everyone!!!
Oh yeah.. Today is day 16 of not smoking too!!!!
Damn.. when it shines, the sun is BRIGHT!!!


Weekends Off said...

OMG I am so happy for you right now you sound so happy and full of life it's good to read. I'm smiling ear to ear today at you my friend!!!

WAY TO GO! On the smoking and the weight loss and the new look!!!!!

Barney said...

Thanks Weeks.. it's amazing.. really it is..

I've even been drinking a ton of water.. no no.. u dont understand I HATE drinking water..

I feel.. gggrrreeeeaaattttt!!!
As Tony the Tiger would say!!!

Krystal said...

I am truly impressed! You quit smoking and still managed to loose 15 pounds. That is a major accomplishment!

Pat yourself on the back!!!

Krystal said...

HEY! When I was loosing weight I use to put all my change in a glass jar. I never used it in the store. If the total was $4.02 and I had two pennies, I still handed them a $5.

I also stashed away $10 a week. It's amazing how much money I saved up to go shopping with! Anyway, since you quit smoking, you could put that money aside maybe?

April said...

Dang girl, I need to come hang out with you!!! Way to go Barney :-)

Barney said...

thats a great idea, I should start putting $6 into a glass jar every 3 days or so.. that's what I was spending on cigarettes... then the wee ones and I can go some where fun w/the money.. thanks!!!

Come on down...!!!