Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Fat Ass Report

It's really hard for me to blog, when there is nothing in my life to blog about...
which makes it a pretty sad moment when I realize that my life consist's of work, home, laundry, cook dinner.. sit and watch T.V. Sit, sit, sit, sit... repeat.. weekends arnt much different.

Then I started realizing, that holy wow.. my ass is HUGE!
Huge I tell ya.. OMG.. Im going to need to install a signal for when I back up
beep, beep, beep, beep.
That's not to mention the size of my gut! My boobs use to be bigger than my tummy..
now, well, lets just say the tummy is gaining ground.. the boobs are still poking out further, but not for long!

So, tonight I start Weight Watchers. My first meeting, so that they can confirm that yes.. I am a fat ass.

You see.. I love to eat.. no you dont get it.. I mean I LOVE to eat.
I eat when Im happy
I eat when Im sad
I eat when Im bored
I eat when Im angry
I eat when I need to be comforted
I eat to eat.
I grew up in a household where food was always around, it was socially acceptable to eat.
Fried egg & ham & cheese sandwhiches on Sunday afternoon's while watching football, sitting on the couch with Dad, and that was always followed with.. "that was good.. make me another one" from Dad, so what would I do??? I would get up, and make another round for he and I!

My Grandmother lived w/us, and there was ALWAYS dessert after dinner, homemade apple & rhubbarb pie w/vanilla bean ice cream. Homemade bananna bread every morning for breakfast, homemade zuchinni bread, homemade rolls, cake's, pies, cookies... you get the picture?

My eating habits didnt get any better as I got older... I have always fought my weight.. it's always fluctuated..up - down... up-down...up-down.. I think the only time I was truly skinny was when I was strung out on meth for those 4 yrs.. and that was a drug induced skinniness...

Now.. I cant turn to meth.. I cant afford it for one! LOL..
and for two.. it's NOT an option!!!!

So.. Im off to weight watchers.. it's not a "diet" it's a "life change"

So here are the facts...
Im 35
Im 5'8 (or so)
drum roll please...
my weight has skyrocketed.. to 248 lbs!!!
Oh Wow..
that hurts!!!
I weighed myself on Sunday...
Today is Thursday..and Ive been following a strict point system all week...
So.. tonight I will see if it has helped at all....

So.. here is my battle.. I WILL loose 50lbs by October..
Im headed to Cabo.. and I WILL loose the weight..
I WILL hit the gym at least 2x a week!!!

Signing off..
Barney... w/The Fat Ass Report!


April said...

Oh Barney, I need to go with you!!! I don't know how we end up here. Let's blame it on the kids, shall we??

Krystal said...

Go, Barney, Go!!!

Brian Hughes said...

"Fried egg & ham & cheese sandwhiches on Sunday afternoon's."

What? No chutney!? You should be ashamed.

Amorous Chick said...

Good for you! Good luck in achieving your goal. You can do it! =)

Ozfemme said...

I'm with you all the way! That so could have been a post that I could have written.