Monday, April 21, 2008

Ramblings.. of nothingness

.... it's been about 2 weeks since my last post... and I really have nothing exciting to say.

I went in for a routine filling last week, and come to find out, that the two other teeth around it were rotten (all those drugs I did when in high school has totalled my teeth) and so 3.5 hrs later my bottom 3 teeth on my right side had to be drilled and reconstructed. I kept telling the dentist to just yank them all out and give me dentures, but he says that believe it or not, the roots and bones are still good and it would be cheaper to work with what I have..
Another reason why drugs are so damn nasty!!! At least my teeth arnt all black and nasty!
The previous fillings on those other teeth were loose and therfore were rotting underneath.. GROSS!!!

Anyhow... it's been a week, and now my cheek is swollen & hurts like hell, and I cant open up my mouth very wide. Dentist suck!!!!

Ive lost another 1.5 lbs... slowly chipping away at this weight.. lets see.. I have aprox. 27 weeks before leaving for Cabo.. I figure if I can loose a pound a week - that's 27 pds that will be gone.. plus the 12 Ive already lost.. I'll be looking fine as hell!!!!
That's assuming I keep up w/the gym.. like Im suppose to!

Anyhow.. Im looking for a new job.. Ive hit a road bump here, and I dont wanna be here anymore. I want to move back to Idaho so badly.. but there are absolutely NO jobs over there. I got offered one last week, but I would be taking a $1000 a month cut in pay.. that's to much! So, I turned it down and let them know that when they want to pay me more to give me a call ;)

And Im out.. that's all I got..



The Bizza said...

Dental work is never fun. I inherited gum disease from my dad. That, and my poor dental hygeine contribute to frequent crummy dental visits. I feel your pain.

Good work on the weight loss! Keep it up, Cabo Hottie!

(I might have to help you work out some day. Just throwin that out there... *wink*)

I hope you find a position that works fro you. Oh, and I hope you find a good job too.

*wiggles eyebrows*

Ozfemme said...

Owies. Make sure there's no infection setting it, it should be settling down by now surely?

Good for you with the weight loss - you're an inspiration.

Keep visualising the better job and it will come.

KBear said...

best thing you can do while going to the gym, is eat something small and healthy every 3.5 hours. and dont eat to the full feeling:)

if you have those nordic trainers..the ones with the two treads that move up and down?

that thing, is AMAZING. you burn 2x the calories in 30 minutes that you do on a treadmill, and you dont have to run!

Amorous Rocker said...

Dental work is never fun. I get to have some oral surgery here soon. NOT looking forward to that crap! Lol.

Good luck in finding a new job. Have a good weekend! =)