Monday, April 28, 2008

I was Tagged...flagged, nagged, shagged..

So.. my beautiful blog mate Ozfemme decided to tag me..
ooohh.. ain't you so sweet...

"five things about myself"

Well.. Ive listed a ton of things about myself in this blog.. things that I probably should share.. but I have shared.. things I'm sure NO one wanted to read.. but I did.. but.. here are 5 more things.. that no one should know ... but here ya go..

1) I have the most UGLIEST toes/toenails in the world.. big toe.. is HUGE.. HUGE I tell ya.. and mishapped...and my little toe..
ain't so little either...and my toenail on that big toe.. is thick.. and ingrown.. and the pedicure ladies LOVE me..
cuz I have ugly feet.. and I get to here from my pedi lady..
"you have ugly toe"
"you come in once a month"
"you feet nasty"
then they all talk about me in their oriental language, point and laugh at me.. and call me the ugly toe lady..
But.. I leave there and I have pretty feet.. for at least a week..
until I run around outside barefoot.. and well then.. they not so pretty no more!!!

2) I get bored... and restless w/life.. and when I start getting bored and restless.. I tend to do things I shouldn't do.. like.. do shots of tequila at the bar, and allow random guys to photograph my boobies w/their cell phones...
or.. allow random girls at the bar feel me up.. cuz they don't believe me when I tell them that "yes.. they are real.. implants here"
or, I turn into a real bitch..I mean.. a real bitch.. only at the bar, when guys try to pick up on me.. why? Cuz I find it humorous.. the more bitchy I get.. the harder they try.. and they buy me more drinks.. but when I try to be nice, they don't pay any attention to I cuss them out, I put them down, I tell them off, I don't encourage them.. the more I do this.. the more drinks they buy me..
Weird really..

3) I love whole in the wall, po-dunk, urine smelling, sweaty, dirty bars. Low class society bars. I feel like I'm the princess among all the derelicts of society... what no one realizes is that I'm just poor as they are :)

4) I spend at least 2hrs a day surfing the web while I'm at work.. my boss would be so disappointed in me... but... It's how I pass the day...

5) The guys at work have come up w/a new nick name for me.. "Rain Women" as in Rain Man... because I rattled network stuff off to them w/out thinking.. I guess that's a good thing right?

Ok.. that's it.. I'm gonna tag..
hmmm.... everyone.. who hasn't been tagged yet..


KBear said...

that would probably be me.. but i dont know anything that people shouldnt

i will do this:)

April said...

Wow, could I relate to number two. The restlessness, the boredom, the search for contentment. I feel good that I am FINALLY finding it in my life, thanks in part to a special man.

Amorous Rocker said...

That was amusing to read. :)

The bitchier you are to guys in bars, the better it works out for you generally. It's the turning them down that gets them. Their egos don't want them to be turned down which makes them more persistent, even if that means they have to buy you more drinks to try and look good. Work it girl. Lol.

Ozfemme said...

well done barney! cheers!

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