Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A month of nothingness

Oh wow.. I just realized I haven't posted in a month..
where the time fly's..

So.. lets see.. what do I have fun and exciting to tell all of you...

I'm down 20lbs.. woo hoo for me.. however.. I lost my boobs!!!
Now THAT is depressing.. I want my girls back.. why is it that they were the first to go?
No No.. I still have more than a handful.. but, there just not all there... and that just really depresses me.. which means, I am going to have to save money up, to have put back what once was there...

Hmmm...what else.. nothing.. work kicks my ass, the kids are kicking my ass, the gas prices are really kicking my ass.. 4.08 a fucking gallon... are u serious?!!!!
Thank gawd I get good gas mileage.. but $50 to fill up the gas tank.. it's getting fucking outrageous.. plus.. food prices are skyrocketing too.. I'm gonna have to sell a kidney just to be able to feed the kids & put gas in the car...

I have no sex life's almost as if Ive lost the urge.. what is wrong with me? I'm just so stressed about everything that I just am not so sure about how I would respond to someone right now..Maybe I need to contact my beneficial friend and just take out some aggression.. wonder if that would make me feel better... hmmmm.....

I got a new puppy... here I am bitching about living expenses and what do I do.. I go and get a new freaking puppy.. but damn it.. he's cute.. and HUGE... anyhow..

Nothing else to tell ya, my life has turned into nothing but work, home, dog shows, and that's it.. nada else!!!


Weekends Off said...

Way to go woman!!! 20 pounds!!!!!!!

But I do join you in mourning over the loss of your boobs. They were glorious and I will always remember them that way :0p OK I'm teasing. But I know what you mean too. (hugs)

Um yeah- gas is 3.78 here this morning, it sucks but what can you do? We've given up home phone service and internet service at home to make room in the budget for gas and for the extra electricty we will need this summer.

I thank God that Marie is working, she's pretty much feeding herself because she works opposite from our schedules and so she's not home and really doesn't want what we eat anyway.

What good is having a beneficial friend if you don't call on them and take out your frustrations with hot, raw sex????? Make that call girlfriend! You should have been calling LOL! Especially given the hotness factor- if I remember right he's good looking.

So get off this computer and make that call and get yourself some!

And then come share the details LOL....

luv ya!

KBear said...

it takes me 70 bucks to fill my gas tank..

i want a puppy, but ill live vicariously through you and demand you post pics!

20 lbs? awesome!!!! woo hoo!

i wish i could lose my boobs... guh!

Amorous Rocker said...

I wish I could drop 20 lbs and lose some cleavage! Shit, lol. I'd happily go down to a D cup. Then I wouldn't have such awful back and shoulder pain. CONGRATULATIONS on 20lbs babe! That rocks.

It's 3.89 to 3.91 at the stations closest to where I'm living. It's killer. Ridiculous too. Boyfriend's car gets pretty rockin' gas mileage though. Food is getting frigging expensive. BF and me were talking last night trying to come up with things we can do to save money.

Sex usually helps my level of stress, irritation, aggression and general anger issues. Mm hmm.

What kind of puppy is it?

Ozfemme said...

A puppy!

We loves us a puppy!

Well done on the 20 lbs - (I've done 11 so far! I know what you mean about the girls.... same here.)

So tell us more about the puppy!

April said...

Don't you dare think about putting the girls back. Really, post a pic of the new girls and I bet we'll all awe and google over them. I bet they're wonderful.
I know the thing about sex. My theory is the more you get, the more you want.......provided you're getting it good. Know what I mean? If you don't use it, it's kinda like, well, um, what I could compare this to? It's like riding your bike to work for a year to save gas. After 6 months, you no longer miss your car. But if you were still driving your car every day, you'd be addicted to the feel of that thunder under your thighs (oops, I mean the feel of the tires on the pavement). So like they say, drive baby drive.

The Bizza said...

Uhm... I like pancakes slathered in maple syrup.

I like glazed doughnuts.

I like licking the center of a tootsie pop too.

I like sticky things.

What does that have to do with your post?

Email me for the answer.


Krystal said...

Puppies are cute! Unless they're pit bulls...

Congrats on loosing 20lbs! Sorry to hear about the girls.