Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Evil am I?

How evil are you?
So I took the quiz... and yep.. Im the purest of all evilness..
I guess that sums me up.. I dont work for AOL.. but pretty damn close..
look how far that arrow is in the black? WOOOOOOW...
Yep thats me..


Carmel Beauty said...

I did the evil test and I am about a mm before you so I guess I am EVIL too. :-)

BTW thanks for the shout out.

PCS said...

I did it too, I'm twisted.

Krystal said...

I'm not evil. My arrow was just over the "v" in the word evil. It said, "Moderation towards all things! Although you do have inner demons, you can more than control them, and often find yourself in the position of the peacemaker, balancing things out."

Krystal said...

And for the record, I think one of my responses that gave it that slight tinge of grey has to do with my day dreaming about sex.

But my husband is 1002.8 miles away. What else am I gonna do?! So I don't think that one should have even counted.

Effortlessly Average said...

oooo, someone more evil than me. You realize, of course, that now I'm totally atracted to you and want to bend you over the couch. how do you feel about having your hair pulled? heh.

Barney said...

EA - pull my hair.. and we may have to get married..
Cuz then I will have to stalk you, until you pull it again.. and again.. and again..