Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Howdy ya'll... I really have nothing of intelligence to write about today. Please forgive me, it's been a while since my last editorial.. or umm.. last written piece of garbage.

Life is slowly trudging along, been doing alot of traveling, weekend jaunts, went to Idaho for 4 days. Went to Canby, Oregon for a weekend, Yakima WA, Redmond WA.. all in the pursuit of winning that big doggy ring.. But hey.. I have a good time, and I enjoy the majority of the people.

The kids are doing good.. the boy is in summer school, 8-1 M-F... hahaha.. he's not liking it, but I think..and I hope he gets the damn message! The girl.. is bored.. well sort of bored.. the pool is getting alot of use.. and she is so freaking tan.. it's just sickening..
Umm.. hmmm... that's it.. 4th of July, Im having a b-b-que at the house.. your more than welecome to come.. please BYOB & some kind of side dish...

The men department.. its' pretty non-existant.. I have 2 gentleman..if you can call them that.. that are interested.. one of them is married however, says he just wants to be friends.. uh huh...riiiiight... took him 2 weeks to answer the "are you married" question. Good lord, be honest up front.. dumb ass's.. the other guy, it's all player.. but as I sit back and think about it, do I honestly want a relationship? Or just a beneficial friend?

And of course.. there is my already existing beneficial guy.. who is really starting to weird me out.. so Ive cooled it w/him, however I miss him at the same time.. damn complicated!

I got severly burn on my chest.. holy OUCH!!! pools and drinking in 90+ weather..NOT SMART!!!

Take a look at this!!!!
look at that red rim?? OMG.. it hurts.. so bad!!!

Here's a pic of the new puppy.. Barkley.. who is 7 months now.. and just over 100lbs.. it's the best pic I have.. I will get some more this weekend..

Happy 4th of July!!!!



KBear said...

lol.. My burn is redder than yours!!

so don't feel tooo bad:)

happy july fourth!

Weekends Off said...

Hi Barney! Ouch that burn looks painful! Aloe vera gel, sweetheart, 100% purt, it'll save the tah-tahs!

KBear said...

oh! so will vinegar! it doesnt hurt. takes the heat out of the burn and you shoudnt peel either!

Effortlessly Average said...

Huh, well whadya know, you DO have nice boobs. heh.

donna said...


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