Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dog Rescue!!!

I dont normally do this.. but I was involved in this rescue... the trip into Langley BC was exhausting.. not to mention the control on my anger strings was near to breaking.. it took everything I had not to hurt someone badly, for the way these dogs were treated. I am a member of PNMF - Pacific Northwest Mastiff Fanciers... I help educate, rescue & breed English Mastiffs... Any help would be appreciated.. $5 can go a long long way..
(there is SO much more to this story.. the ordeal that the Breeder and I went thru was horrific! And yet I would NOT hesitate to do it again)

Thursday night one of our club members received a call from someone that they had placed 2 puppies with. (One was placed at 8 weeks, Finnegan, and one was placed as an older puppy, Tony.) This was someone that already had a Mastiff, Loki, from a different breeder…a breeder back east. These breeders both felt that this was a good home or they would never have placed their puppies there.
The oldest, Loki, is almost 4yrs old and the other two, Finny and Tony, are almost 3yrs old. About 8 months ago this puppy buyer lost contact with their breeders. There was concern of drug addiction and other problems in this home at this point. Jumping ahead to very late last Thursday night…the local breeder, one of our club members, received a phone call from this puppy buyer. She was very distraught. 2 of the dogs, Finny and Loki, were currently at the animal shelter. She was no longer living at the home where the dogs had been living. 1 of the dogs, Tony, was at the home of her son’s friend. The other 2 had somehow gotten out of the yard and been picked up by animal control. She was living in an apartment and didn’t have the money to ‘bail them out’.

Without hesitation…our club member said, “No problem…she would get the boys taken care of.” (Both her puppy as well as the one from back east.)Friday morning she, the breeder, waited for the puppy buyer to get back with her to let her know exactly where the dogs were, etc. She also set the wheels in motion to get the other breeder notified and make arrangements for travel to the shelter. Did I mention that this was a shelter in CANADA??

Of course it happened when her SUV was in the shop, too! Now, because of the situation with drugs, etc…she did not feel comfortable going in to this situation by herself. Who was she going to get on such short notice that was able to go to Canada with her?? Her husband was not able to go as he couldn’t find his Birth Certificate. Oh, yeah…has anyone picked up that this was the holiday weekend?? The Thursday mentioned above…yes…that was Thanksgiving!!The other breeder was contacted and she agreed…GET THOSE DOGS OUT OF THERE!!

A friend and new Mastiff owner, that had just made a long round trip drive from Olympia down into Oregon, did not hesitate to go with her to Canada. Yes, she had family over but at a moment’s notice was able to leave the family and kids in the hands of more family and fellow Mastiff owner. Again, no hesitation.

So, with the money set aside for Christmas shopping for her family in hand…these two ladies left late Friday night and drove to Canada, had a couple of fit-full hour of sleep at a hotel, just so that they could track down the puppy buyer and be at the shelter when it opened. After finding the puppy buyer’s apartment they had to pound on her door to get her to answer. And while they probably should not have been…they were shocked by her appearance. This was not the person that the breeder had seen just a year or so before. The drug use had taken it’s toll on her! What else had the drugs affected?? They were about to find out.

The arrival at the shelter was bitter sweet. It was apparent that the dogs were in very serious condition…both physically and mentally. And the worst was yet to come. The following hours were spent fighting for the right to claim these dogs. Contracts, AKC registration papers, Microchips…well, let’s just say that it wasn’t that simple to “prove” ownership. The dogs were in absolutely horrible condition. The shelter had listed Finny as being 6yrs old and Loki as being 7 or 8 yrs old. Not the 3yrs and 4yrs they really were! Finny had gone very grey from his ordeal. Both are suffering from severe malnutrition. Finny was the only one fed at his "home" the son stated he was unable to feed both dogs, so he intentionally starved Loki to feed his "buddy" Finny...

Loki has 2 cruciate injuries (knees). Finny has atrophied muscles in his rear and weakness to the bones, tendons and ligaments due to the malnutrition. And both had many underlying problems such as dehydration, possible UTI’s, etc. And yet both dogs were sooooo happy to see their ‘saviors’!! Loki was listed as aggressive and yet he crawled into our laps and licked our faces and wagged his tail... Loki was released fairly easily because no one wanted him. Can you believe this??

Finny, the dog from our breeder…well, she had to fight for him as the son (who had allowed the starvation and mistreatment of the dogs) wanted him and ownership had to be proven. After many heart wrenching hours and international phone calls…at the very last second…literally (the son had paid the fine and they were bringing the dog out to him) the last second…through the intervention of a very dear lady, who is an attorney…Finny was released to his breeder.

Both dogs had to get rabies vaccinations before they could be brought into the country. More money and more time. More in and out of the vehicle for these poor dogs…and Loki could barely stand!Our breeder and her friend had not eaten since they crossed the border the night before. They didn’t have time! All their time and energy was given to rescuing these poor dogs. After the dogs were safely in the car and they were safely across the border, they did stop for a quick bite to eat…this was late Saturday night.

These girls didn’t get to their perspective homes until around midnight. At that time, our breeder still had to care for the two boys and get them settled in. Her youngest daughter was in tears and didn’t understand how anyone could possibly do this to an animal! Her entire family shaken to the core that one of their babies and his friend were in such a condition…and full of worry for the one not yet saved. So, now these two dogs are safe.

However, there are still many concerns. Loki really needs to get back to his breeder. She is equipped to give him the care that he will need to recover from this ordeal. Both medically and physically. Today we were told that he COULD fly by next week! This is the fastest and best way to get him home. (Back to Alabama to his breeder who wants him back to get him the care he so rightly deserves)

Finny needs a lot of medical care, rehabilitation, etc so that he can go to a forever home that will allow him to live the life he should have had all along! And then there is the one left behind, Tony. Work is in progress to get him home, too!

But, this could be expensive and time consuming.This plea is going out to all of you. We are looking for all the help we can get to help out with these 3 boys. This is a terrible time for everyone…budgets are stretched to the breaking point. We know and we understand. Whatever you can do to help these dogs will be much appreciated!

Shortly there will be a link available from the Pacific Northwest Mastiff Fanciers website (www.pnmf.org) that will take you to a page for the Finny, Loki & Tony fund. Pictures will be posted of the boys when they are available. There will be the availability to donate probably via PayPal or an address to send donations to if you do not do PayPal. On this page you will also be able to find contact information if you are able to help with miles or even if you just have other ideas and ways to help! Our first goal is raising the money to get Loki home within the next 2 weeks. After that will come the medical bills, legal aid, etc. Let’s all pull together to get these boys “Home for the Holidays!” (Any money left over will go to PNMF Education and Rescue, LLC.)Remember…this could be any one of your puppies!!

Drugs can take control of any home at any time. And how many lives are affected by just one person’s drug usage? So, go hug your babies and spread the word!! Regardless of the four legged friend you have in your home.. love them.. (PLEASE…SPREAD THE WORD!!) Let’s see what we can do to help these boys out. I know that if the shoe were on the other foot…these breeders would be there to help us. And as a side note…neither one of these breeders have ASKED for this help!!Permission is given to cross post this!! Until the page is available from the PNMF Website any questions can be directed to mastiffinfo@fairpoint.net.


Weekends Off said...

Bless those women and all that they did to save those poor dogs! I am so sorry to hear all of this went down!

Barney said...

It was a nightmare... but on the good note.. Loki is able to fly home Sunday back to his breeder in Alabama..and get the rehabilitation that he deserves!!! YEAH!!!
Finny.. will survive.. he will be ok..
Pictures are now available on the website at pnmf.org

Thank you

Krystal said...

I rescued a dog from the shelter. He cost $10. Then I had to get his shots, have him nuetered, and feed him fifty pounds of food a week (turns out he's half St. Bernard...). He's ripped into two of my chicken coops, killed four chickens, and ate one of them.

But I love the little bugger, so we're working on a "Lucky-proof" chicken coop design.

Just thought I'd share...

Weekends Off said...

Swinging by to say HOWDY and Happy HOLIDAYS and I miss you and all of that!

Krystal said...

Where are you, woman?!