Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sad but True

I'm still in love with him... Him...the one who has been resurrected..... is it because that first true love never really goes away?
Is it because he is telling me all that I want to hear?
Is it because it's just something that has presented itself to me out of the blue and seems like it would be fun to re-acquaint myself with?
Or is it because I'm stupid and in denial?

At times he sounds like a well written Hallmark card... telling me that he has missed me like the deserts miss the rain.. that his soul cry's out for my touch, his soul longs for the touch of mine, his heart longs for the passion of my kiss & the twinkle in his eyes are as bright as the sun... he loves me.. that he's never stopped loving me, I have been in his thoughts every day for 15 yrs...little things remind him of me daily.. and so on and so forth.
I'm falling for him all over again, because Ive always longed to hear someone speak to me like that? Because I have always wanted to be truly romanced or am I falling for him because it's an old/familiar?

He's there..
I'm here..
we have not been in each others' presence.. we have not looked into each others eyes.. we have spoken on the phone.. we have emailed.. we have text.. but, can one truly care that much after so many years.. can two people commit to each other based entirely off of words that have been written, spoken to one another over a phone wire and yet not face to face?


Krystal said...

I think it's all of the above. I think you WANT this to work out a certain way. I think you WANT this to turn into a fairy tale to somehow make the past okay. Just remember, fairy tales are just words too.

Guard your heart, dear.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Use caution.

April said...

Sometimes it'c nice to have a past connection. But let time tell if you like who he is TODAY. Let time tell if they are only words or insights to the soul. Go slow and let time tell. said...

Hello there!

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are times when God removes people from our lives because He can see all the way into our life's ending and He knows what He has in store so He has to move those out of the way who will delay the process of our receiving what He meant for us to have all along.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Weekends Off said...

I want you to be happy and find the love of your life, if this guy is it, I believe you will know that in time. But I do think you need to proceed with caution, make sure you aren't wearing any rose colored glasses and remember that nostalgia feels really good but it can also make reality a bit fuzzy. You knew him then, you are getting to know him all over again. Everyone changes a bit so my advice is to make sure, in person, before committing to anything. Take your time. And don't let him rush you either because you are worth the wait.
Sorry I didn't come comment sooner, for some reason I thought I had already read and commented on this.