Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Im a little birdie.. free...

The talk came after an akward evening where I spent my evening drowning my unhappiness in double rum n cokes w/a lime...

I probably consumed my own bottle or Bacardi, how I do enjoy a good rum!
The text messages started filtering in around 11 or so, to the tune of poor me, whoa is me
so forth and so on.

Im not a cheater... I have never cheated on my significant other.

I was ready to go out and find some random man, and have my way with him.....
just to prove a point!

The messages started flying even quicker... one right after another, they ranged between two emotional sets, Anger & Pity

I came to some realizations that night, standing outside a bar, talking to some strange guy about all the going on's in my home.

Im not happy
Im not attracted to him
I need a MAN! not a whinny ass little boy

So, the talk came finally...
needless to say....
This little free... free... FRRREEEEEE!!!!!!

Time for me to call my booty call.. woop woop!!!!