Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Sometimes life just throws you a ton of lemons, what you decide to do with those lemons is what becomes important. Ive been so pissy & unhappy lately, that I finally decided to turn those lemons into some sweet adult beverages... a little lemonade w/a splash of vodka.. num num num!!!

Things are going well, I mean I didnt win the lotto or anything and money is extremely tight at the moment. So tight that Im going to make it even more tight and put myself on one hell of a budget that will not be ignored.. time to pull myself outta this mess that Ive put myself into... wish me luck!
BUT... there are no men troubles taking place.

Im content.. for the first time in quit awhile, Im finally content.
What else can a girl ask for?
Well, except for a really good vibrator since there are no men in her life that will take that edge off.

So, other than that, I have no reason to complain.
Kids are back in school
Im still employed
I love my job once again
All's good in my corner of the world.

Let the fun times begin!!!!