Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Care free days...

Ok.. so the past is catching up with me...
I remember when life was all about being care-free and no worries..
and I remember when I was totally pissed because my father woulndt give me enough money to go school shopping, or to blow Friday or Saturday night when I went out with my friends. Now I sit back and get totally pissed, because I work my f*ing butt off and still have problems paying the bills, and yet they are always there.

What happened to the care-free days? You know, the days you could drink from the hose, or ride in the back of the pick up truck, or ride your bike down the street w/out worrying if you gonna get a ticket because you dont have on your helmet.
What about walking late at night to run over to your friends house, picking fruit off your neighbors trees and just eating it prior to washing it... or those fresh blackberries straight off the vine.. and cherries..mmmm... seems your not allowed to do that anymore..

Dating.. wow.. I miss dating, I dont date anymore.. why not? I want to date... I want a date.. I want those feelings of new realization... of getting to know someone, of learning new things w/someone.. of just being w/someone.. oh well.. someday..

I started thinking of my past, my teen years, and some of the things Ive gone thru. Most of it self induced. Would I change any of it? No, I dont believe so..mainly because I had a damn good time. Yeah.. I drank alot, and I got caught up in drugs.. and yeah.. I did those things because I wanted to fit in w/the crowd I was "hanging" with...but you know.. I enjoyed it.. I made some good friends... and I made some bad enemies.. but because of the things I did in my life, and the road that I have traveled down.. those things made me who I am today.
And even if I do say so myself.. Im a damn good/cool/hip/hop/happenin kind of bitch.. LOL.. ( did I really just write that?)

I went to a county tradition over the weekend.. and smacked myself directly into flashback mode.. the smells of the fair, the heat, the lake, the rides..everything.. all of it.. I even saw people from my past.. those that I wished to walk away from. Granted.. my town isnt small.. we have over 3k living here ( Im sure of it) and yet, it's a small town is so true! I ran into at least 6 people Sunday, in a 3 hr stretch from my druggin/drunken days.. and W.O.W. they are still druggin/drinkin.. do people grow up?

Anyhow....Im off for another vacation..I havnt taken so many vacations in YEARS!!!
Heading to Canada... will let you know how it went.. ta ta


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