Wednesday, August 09, 2006

quitting smoking

What in the hell was I thinking?
Quitting smoking is one of the harder things I think I have ever done.. ok.. well no..
there are some things in my life that have been harder..

Day 1
holy shit.. I thought I was gonna fuckin passout at my boss's fee... by 11am, I was dizzy/sweating/nervous/headache
my vision was blurred, my heart was pounding..all because I was "detoxing" my body of nicotine
what a nasty little drug... my hands were shaking.. I couldnt concentrate, all I could do was sit and think about how bad I wanted that cigarrette, that cool smoke sliding down my throat (as I smoked menthols)
I survived day 1...

Day 2
Stay the fuck out of my way!!!!
Im not in the mood for ANYONE's shit today
Im fuckin moody!!! and Fuck is my word...
I bit the heads off a number of co-workers today.. thankfully they all understand what I am doing and why I am acting this way.. they are being extremelly tollerant of my juvenile behaviour and the fact that Im slamming things around and saying Fuck it alot..
but FUCK!!!! Im full of nerves and energy and gawd who knows what the fuck else..
I just wanna pick a fight..
Luckily one of my co-workers made me take a long walk this afternoon with him.. so I could release some of my pent up frustrations.. that helped..

Day 3
It's the morning of day 3
Im feeling better..
What Im finding weird tho, is that Im having a hard time breathing.. why?
I cant catch my breath.. is it a panik attack?
is it the fact that my lungs are purging them selves from the tar pits that they currently are?
what? Anxiety attack? who knows..
The edginess is still there.. I can feel it just on the surface.. the little claws of evilness are slowly making their way around the edge and will shortly grasp it's pray and kill it.
Today hopefully will be a better day, but... luckily my co-workers and my family understand what Im going thru, this is not pretty..
Im going thru this w/a ton of gum.. and lots of coffee.. I will survive this.. it's time.. must quit.. for me.. for my kids.. for me.. for my kids..for me..for my kids

what the fuck ever.. I WILL DO IT!!!!

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Krystal said...

How the quitting going???