Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Where's my cake Damnit??!!

Today is the official start of my downslide to 40.

The girls at work love me.. I love them...
I had Almond Joy's all over my desk.. there my favorite!!!!
And a nice big beautiful cake was baked for me..
and I got a box of Honey Bunches of Oats.. LOL.. cuz I eat it every morning
for breakfast..

My daughter decorated the house after I went to bed...

Well... we all went to bed, then all the sudden she jumps up and run's into my room and says..
OMG Mom, I forgot to clean the kitchen!!!
Yeah, Like Im gonna believe that she's all worried and stuff about the kitchen being dirty! HA!

My house looked like a streamer/crepe paper factory threw up.... but it was cute and thoughtful and I love her...

so, yeah, Im officially over the hump.... downsliding to 40....
the big

3 6!

Lets hope that this year brings some much needed.......something!!!!


Krystal said...

Oh please, I'll be 38 in just four months and I'm looking FORWARD to 40. Embrace it!

You've done the "Still In Your 20's Woman" thing. You're doing the "I'm a Grown Woman" thing. Look forward to doing the "Woman With Confidence" thing. It's just STRONG and SEXY.

I spent four years of my 30's having somewhat of an identity crisis. My older female friends tell me it's normal. I'm happy to say I'm just about through.

Way I see it, the 20's are for playing, the 30's are for learning and growing, the 40's are for LIVING!

Happy Birthday! You're an amazing woman! Just gotta believe it, that's all!!!

Weekends Off said...

Happy birthday Girlfriend!!!
Don't worry, 40 was painless. I'm turning 41 in a couple months. Times are different now, 40 is the new 30!

Weekends Off said...

P.S. I will totally move in with you and cook for you and eat your Hamburger Helper masterpieces, so long as it's BEEF PASTA because that's my favorite!!!

The Bizza said...

Happy belated birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!