Friday, February 06, 2009

Nosy Nelly

I'm nosy, so nosy in fact that when I'm driving at night and I see homes with lights on in their windows and the TVs are on, I want to pull over and peek through their windows. Not to scope out their homes, but I just want to see how others conduct themselves. How do they live?

Do they curl up on their couches w/a blankie and a drink and watch TV? While their children snuggle in with them and have some cuddle time?
Are the parents in one room while the kids are somewhere else?
Are they living life like Leave it to Beaver? The youngest laying on the floor coloring while the parents drink their coffee from their matching recliners?

What is actually going on in those homes?
Is it complete chaos? Is dad sitting there while mom is up cornering children, dealing w/homework, doing laundry, cleanup up the dinner dishes, getting kids' baths done.. all the while dad is yelling for some quiet...
Is it a home of a single parent?

Inquiring minds want to know.. I want to know.. because I'm nosy.. I want to know how others live.. how they cope, how they survive... are they like me? (God I hope not this world would be doomed)

New thought:
I hate large groups of people..they can royally piss me off, however I love to go to the mall on Saturday afternoons, grab my favorite cup of coffee and have a seat and watch people. Think to myself, how could that person actually think they look good? Seriously, that's a bad hair cut!

So on and so on and so on... watching peoples reactions to situations, wondering what possessed them to put those clothes together, or wear their makeup like that, or get their hair cut like that... what made them decide to get up that morning and do what they do... ( I realize others probably look at me and think the same thing.. but I'm perfectly sane thank you)

So anyhow... I installed some map locator on my blog... cuz I'm nosy....
it shows that I have had allot of visits between Oct 14 2008 & Feb 4 2009

USA - 354
Brazil - 71
Canada - 24
Australia - 12
United Kingdom - 6
France - 2
Belgium - 2
Mexico - 2
Argentina - 2
Germany - 1
Austria - 1
South Africa - 1
Malaysia - 1
Netherlands - 1
Ireland - 1
El Salvador - 1
Philippines - 1
Puerto Rico - 1
Bahamas - 1
Senegal - 1
Portugal - 1
India - 1

I'm sure all the single visits were done in error... but hey.. I never realized my sad little blog got that far.. so does this mean I get around? LOL....

so yes..I'm nosy.. so feel free to share anything that you may feel I would benefit from. Cuz well I'm nosy. And my life has been such a hellish ride that I need something that is totally and completely idiotic right now.

Welcome all of you, and those that have stopped by in error... grab a seat, your favorite beverage, sometimes the communications on this blog will make you laugh, or just shake your head, if that's the case feel free to hit that X in the top right corner.

Peace lovies!!!


Sexie Sadie~ said...

Yes, you get around! And, I am nosy, too.

I found your blog via Amorous Rocker's so it seems I will be nosing around here...

"T" said...

You know me :)

What am I up to? What goes on behind my windows?

Well.... tonight I drank a little grey goose with a splash of lime and olives, it inspired me to grab up a old "bed in a bag"

...I ripped it apart and made curtains, a love seat cover,a sash, beds for the dog crates and a cover to hide the computer wires/cords for our (now) cozy office.

Currently? I am off to scarf down a McD's bacon ranch salad, take a steamy shower and have some sex with my man.


Krystal said...

You're silly.

Weekends Off said...

Behind our closed doors you won't find much excitement. You'll probably see K at the computer or in front of the set while I'm in the kitchen (small apt means that's a few feet away) doing dishes and silently grumbling to myself about having dishes to do LOL.
Other than that you'll see us watching our favorite shows, with 2 cold beverages nearby.
We lead a pretty quiet life and consider our home a drama free zone.

I know what you mean by seeing windows lit up and wondering what's going on inside. I can't help but look as I walk by homes that are all lit up at night. Sometimes early in the morning I wonder about the folks inside, are they getting up, making coffee or are they the sleep in type etc.