Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The walls of hell are HOT!

Well, I took back my house.. and had a week of purgatory.. I can honestly say that when I die and go to hell... I will feel like I'm on a paradise island.. because nothing can compare to the over reactions of a 12 yr old hormonal preteen girl......
I'm tired... oh lord help me, I'm exhausted.

But I'm happy to say the last few days have been easy. Sure there have been a few small bumps a few raised voices but all in all things have turned around and the spawn of satan has been kicked to the curb.

I just wish she would take lessons from her brother who is just happy there is another male in the house and he's no longer out numbered! My new man and the boy child get along as well as can be expected. They joke around together, they wrestle, they talk, they watch discovery channel together. I was afraid that the boy child would feel threatened but he seems to be taking it all really well.

Me on the other hand, Im still trying to decide if Im relationship material. It's a learning experience for me that's for sure. It's alot of work to live with someone, I had forgotten how much work it was. Compromise, communication, remembering someone else's feelings.

All will work out Im sure. He's having a hard time finding employment right now, and his cash flow is starting to run out and Im afraid some kind of depression is going to kick in. Then what? I cant deal with that. He started getting all teary eyed the other day cuz he was having difficulty finding employment... my response to him was to suck it up, were in the middle of a damn recession!
Rude huh?
Im a bitch...
Im not good with others feelings....
Im not good relationship material......

Oh well!
That is me. deal!

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janice said...

IMO, "suck it up" was the perfect response. I want a partner to take care of me (and my kid), not wimp out and cry.

He's supposed to be the strong one! Hell, you already have 2 kids to take care of, you don't need to take care of him too.

I'm glad your daughter is back and the "spawn" is gone.