Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Crappy Christmas

4 day weekend.. let me recap

Fred Meyer, shopping w/my daughters father (whom my whole family hates but we are still friends) my brother is walking towards us, he looks at me, I look at him, and he walks straight by, doesn't say hi or nothing.. just flat out ignores me!
ok... now I realize they dont like W.. and thats fine, its a big huge world we all live in and not everyone can get along...but dont dis-respect me and just flat out ignore me..
So family Christmas Friday night, up at my other brothers..
it takes my oldest brother (the one who ignored me) 4 drinks, before he even acknowledges me.. now...long story short, Im the blacksheep of the family... cuz I dont tow the line like everyone else, and I live by my own rules and standards.. I apologize family of mine if I dont follow your rules.. but Fuck You.. I dont have to..thats the beauty of living in a Freeworld!
Anyhow..Family party.. it was ok, except that R (my ex who is living w/me) calls my brother before I leave and ask's if he and his daughter can tag along!!! Can you believe that? If you were wanted there, you would of been invited.. I just think that is rather tacky to call and see if you can come along too... just me maybe?
that night was the longest 4 hrs of my life

Actually went well, went to a friends house to have Christmas Eve w/her and her family..she's like my adoptive Mom, since my mom lives on the East coast I dont get to see her much ( I really miss her from time to time) but Vinnie & her husband Bobbio (like Fabio) have become surrogate family to me, and I really appreciate and respect them so much... we had a great dinner, a few margarita's, built a fire in the back yard, and relaxed..what a great day.. hung w/surrogate family and friends and had great food, great conversation, good times..thats what the Holidays are all about

Sunday - Merry Christmas Everyone.. WTF????
well..it just wastn Christmas for me... first off, my son wasnt there, he was w/his father
and this is the first Christmas in 12 yrs he hasnt been there... so that put a damper on the day (as he left for his dad's Saturday night)
and my dog wasnt there... that put a few tears in my eyes
However.. my beautiful daughter woke my ass up at 5:15 am!! oh yeah... get up Mommy, she did however turn on the coffee pot before waking me up.. good girl!!!
I held her off until almost 7..
however, her father would NOT wake up.. of course.. he didnt stroll in until 3 am on Christmas Eve night.. but that's a whole differant story.. (he lives there too, see previous post's for more info)
so fine.. my baby girl and I opened up presents all by ourselves.. just Mommy and me time. then we made breakfast for the both of us and sat down and watched a Christmas Story... 24 hr run baby on Christmas Day!!! aww yea!!!
Her father finally gets up around 9:30 - at noon he decides he's going to his friends house, understandable.. thats fine.. Im thinking he will be back shortly.. he calls me at 6 that night and invites me and our daughter over to dinner at his friends house (whom I cant stand) um.. no.. um... Hi.... Im cooking a turkey, which he knew, he helped season it that morning...
its Fucking Christmas, to spend w/those you love, admire, cherish, LIKE, respect and generally want to be around.. not to spend it at someone's house whom you cant stand!!! Ooops..my bad..
he comes home around 9:30 and is pissed at me, because I stood him and his friends up..
My response to him.. well.. honey.. you stood up your daughter.. because once again, your selfish ass is more concerned about you & your egotistical/self centered/asshole friend... I guess that was wrong of me huh?

Another day off, and her daddy decides to go fishing.. so he leaves at 4:30 am, and wanders home at 6ish.. as my 9 yr old is asking for the last 2 days, why her daddy isnt home.. how do you answer that? Well baby, because he's concerned about one thing and one thing only.. that's himself, has been for the 20+ yrs I've known him.. but you learn to deal w/it and get over it honey...
and again..he doesnt understand why Im pissy about it....

Needless to say, Christmas is officially over at my house, I had the tree torn down, all the decorations put away, and boxed and sealed, back into the garage w/in a matter of 2 hrs...
Time for a new year, that better be brighter, bigger, and better, because if its not..
me & the the 7 wonders of the world are going to re-establish the "Dont Fuck w/me" rules again... cuz I cant take much more..
Im tired...
I need some GOOD & POSITIVE in my life

Happy Holidays' to all
and To all.. a great life!!!

Im out~~~


Danielle said...

Happy Holidays to you too. Personally I am glad Christmas is over.Glad you had some fun times thru the last couple days. Hang in there. Have a great day !!!

*good vibes your way***

Danielle said...

Morning gurl!
Just checken in
How you been feelen?
I am worken on my coffee now :)