Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tag.. Im it!!!

1. What is your current age – 34

2. When is your birthday – October

3. Nationality – American

4. Do you have any pets – yep.. 6 dogs, 1 cat & a ferrett

5. Sexuality – yeah.. I have some!!!

6. What colour is your hair- naturally? blonde w/auburn highlights

7. What colour are your eyes- blue

8. What ethnicity are you - Swedish & English

9. Favourite music - I like it all..Im a mood person..depends on my mood ...

10. Favourite films – no particular favorites.. Old School like Breadfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Grease.. stupid films like that.. bring back teen memories..

11. Dating Status – Dating... Im open.. single.. and looking.. sort of..

12. Favourite book – I love to read.. anything..just put it in my hands..

13. Favourite tv show – Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, CSI, Las Vegas, Two & half men, How I met your mother.. I dont know.. other stuff too...

14. Dream man – someone who fits me...

15. Dream woman – someone who fits me..

16. Can you speak any other languages – my own language is challenging enough.. thanks


~*~ D ~*~ said...

Wow we watch a lot of the same shows! We can gossip about them now!!! Oh and I love your film choices! I loved Molly Ringwald, the ones you mentioned and also Pretty in Pink. Ducky, her friend in that is on Two & Half Men and I didn't know it was him until just this season! LOL

Krystal said...

A lot of my answers are exactly or nearly the same...scary...