Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reno ~ BUSTED!!!!

I took a mini vacation.. paid for by my father.
Which.. in itself, is a miracle.. as daddy is a bit of a tight wad!!!
All parties involved.. my brother M his wife J
My brother B and his wife J.. (so she will be known from here on as WJ)
and my Daddy and steppen Mommy

So here is a quick run-down...

~ Friday ~

Arrieved at the Hotel around 4ish..
got in my room.. freshened up..headed on out
so I hit the Casino by 5:30...
and by 7... I was down $150..
so I decided Im just gonna drink..
and I did.. drink..
then we walked..
Thru the Elderado into the Silver Legacy
into Circus Circus.. where we all proceeded to act
like small children who were never allowed to play...
we pretty much hung out at Circus Circus for 3 hrs, playing the games
winning toys and just having an over all great time..
Headed back towards our hotel.. (Harrahs)
Bed.. by 11.. I was soooo tired!!!

~ Saturday ~
My day to sleep in...awww yeah.... and wouldnt u know it.. my beautiful blue eyes popped open at 6:30 am... lovely.. so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep... 7:05 I was awake again... lovely..
I watched TV.. I relaxed, and finally woke my s-n-l (sis n law) J up at 9 and we headed to breakfast w/my steppen mommy....
then off for some shopping, souvenires for everyone..
ordered my first drink at 11:55, baileys & coffee.. and it was all down hill from there!!! :)
I proceeded to get fucked up (hey..I was on vacation and not driving.. ) I did however somewhere in the evening become the "Designated Walker"
I head back to Harrahs to go to my room for something.. and ran into my Daddy and bro M
we all decide.. ready for this.. yep yep yep.. lets go to the Tittie bar.. (my first experience mind you)
we head over to the Mens Club.. very tasteful if I may add, nice plush leather seats, waitress's that were dressed a little more than the cocktail girls at the casino! dim lighting, good music, the bouncers all wore dress slacks/white shirts and ties..
and the drinks were outreagesouly priced!!! until happy hour!! and Daddy, M and I proceeded to drink, and watch and talk.. and get fuuuuucked up!!!!
Daddy got a lap dance... damn that was funny shit..
and M.. well.. Im not really allowed to talk about it.. but.. lets say.. he had a great time..
somewhere w/in that time frame another male guest came over and asked me if I would tip the dancers for him, as he found it more exciting to watch other women tip then for him to do it.
Sure..what the hell.. Im game..
I took his money and tipped the dancers..
then tipped them some more..
all afternoon.. he kept giving me money to tip the dancers, then he latched himself onto me and I honestly believe he thought he was gonna get lucky w/me.. not a snowball's chance in hell!!!!
He kept asking Daddy & M if it was ok to talk to me.. as he didnt want to offend either of them..he was such a dork.. and lonely.. you could tell, such a lost look in his eyes.. poor lost little dork boy!
the little stripper girl came over.. and her and I started talking.. very nice young lady (as I found out.. damn Im old!!!) 22, graduates from college in May w/a Bachelors in Sociology...
she was paying her way thru school by stripping.. good for her.. very cute blonde.. damn she was tall.. (loved their shoes tho!!!!)
then another little "dancer" came over, and she was a nipple pincher.. she tried to pinch my nipples (as M told her I liked it... did I mentioin we were fuuuuucked up?)
nipple pincher complained my boobs were confined so she decided to put her hand down my shirt and grab my entire breast.. and pinch my nipple....
hmmm... damn her hands were cold!!!!!
the afternoon progressed...
and got more and more entertaining..
I get felt up by women I didnt know..
my face got smashed between a lovely pair of breast's.. and I didnt even get her name!!!
then she complained because my boobs were real and she had to pay for hers..
this was while she flopped my boobs outta my shirt and proceeded to feel me up..
in front of my dad & brother.. LOL... funny shit!!!
then she licked my neck and my ear.. hmmm...
time to go people..
we left the stip club about 5:30
headed back to the casino to meet up w/the rest of the fam-damnily..
and drink some more.... dinner time.. headed to a fab Japenese resteraunt where they cook the meal in front of you.. M had to be put to bed at 6:15.. trashed.. gone.. buh bye!!!
so Daddy, Steppen Mommy, B and myself go to dinner.. WJ (why the W? gotta tell them apart somehow) was back in her hotel room w/upset tummy issues.. and J.. she's a gambler.. that's all she wanted to do.. so we went to dinner.. and proceeded to drink Saki.. WOW... interesting drink.. Saki is..
a young dumb couple sat next to me.. their first date.. he and I start talking.. then the rest of the night.. he wont stop talking to me.. my bro B and Dad are like.. hey V.. he's picking up on ya..
lovely.. poor girlfriend.... so I go into bitch mode and shoot him down..
B, steppen Mommy.. and I.. are doing Saki shots.. Bonzai!!!! every shot..
uuughhh... $300 tab later.. good dinner.. from what I remember..
Daddy goes to bed.. B & Steppen Mommy and I.. head to the craps table..
I make friends w/everyone..Im such a happy drunk..
the pit Boss.. the workers.. whatever.. I proceed to yell at a group of guys who are cussing and yelling standing behind me.. "Excuse me gentlemen.. the pit boss dont like your cussing.. please leave the casino" they look at me.. I look at them.. he goes to say something to me.. I think I shook my head no at him.. and they left.. just like that.. just walked away.. Im such a happy drunk..
We go to the bar.. and drink some more.. and some more.. and talk.. and laugh.. J joins us.. we drink some more.. WJ show's up.. crying.. and upset cuz she dont feel good.. poor girl.. didnt realize she could order room service in the middle of the night to get something to settle her tummy ( I think she has ulcers.. needs to go to the Dr)
Im not positive what time we headed out.. but it was late.. and we was drunken fools.. but you know what.. what a blast we had!!!

~ Sunday ~
Holy Shit.. I was hungover!!!!
breakfast didnt taste good..
lunch was better.. went to the Peppermill.. lost my ass..
by Sunday afternoon.. my $$$ was all gone!!!! buy bye...
had a few drinks around 2... made my tummy feel better.. hair of the dog..
Chocolate Martini.. YUCK!!! was not impressed.. malibu & pineapple juice.. yummy...
dinner... nice Italian resteraunt... damn good prime rib..
bed by 9.. sad huh??? screaming kids in the room next to me.. called the front desk aroun 11.. shut those little screamers up please.. .
alls quiet by 11:30.. nighty night!!!!

~ Monday ~
up at 6..
to the airport.. 2 hr delay into Seattle.. why???? well rain of course.. cuz that's what it does here.. it rains.. high winds.. flooding.. typical.. whatever..
finally got home by 5:30.. just in time for kick off..
oh.. yeah.. Seahawks kicked Raiders ASS!!!! thank you.. GO HAWKS!!!!!
love our team from time to time..
bed time... nighty night..

A fun time was had by all.. that was the first vacation that Dad, M & B & I had taken in 26 yrs...
good time.. great memories..
but I still lost my ass!!!!



~*~ D ~*~ said...

OMG that sounds like fun! And you got to meet one of the rare Paying my way through college strippers too LOL..

Joking...I know some of them really do get through college that way!

But wow, that sure sounds like fun...I need a vacation like that!

The Dung Beetle said...

Best. Vacation. Ever.

Sounds like fun times, all-around!

Barney said...

Thanks for adding me..
Ive ready your blog from time to time..