Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I really have nothing to write about today.. so.. I figured I would do the basic.. what are we thankful for crap.
20 things Im thankful for (lets see if I can come up w/20)

1) My children (that I was never suppose to have)
2) My Family (even after all the shit I put them thru they still
3) My job
4) My friends
5) Not marrying him
6) Rescuing my dog
7) Learning the things I did, when I learned them
8) Blogger
9) Those people that came into my life, and then left when I was done w/them
10) The Rain
11) The smell after a good rain
12) Cucumber Melon body spray
13) My sex drive
14) Having my Grammy be such an important part of my life
15) My first love, w/out him I would of never given love a chance
16) Blogger
17) Quitting drugs
18) Learning the things Ive learned over the years
19) Community Youth Services (w/out them.. I would probably be dead now)
20) My co-workers for dealing w/my shit M-F... 7-5..

Damn.. that was getting sticky at the end..

Im done!! Im outta here
Happy Turkey day to all!!!!


The Dung Beetle said...

Nice list! I'll have to take a crack at this later!

April said...

Oh shoot, I just did my blog and I was thinking of the blessings I was thankful for. Geesh, does this rain get us all on the same page or what? Enjoy reading your thoughts........

Weekends Off said...

Happy Turkey Day Barney!!!!

I love the list and I had a giggle over your putting blogger down twice!

Weekends Off said...

Hi I was checking to see how you are. You must be out shopping. I'll try you back later.