Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dog Days

Sorry, it's been awhile since I last posted..

nothing has been happening.. sad really...

but that's the truth.. I have no life..

I have a dog.. actually there are 6 total dogs..

Breed & show & raise English Mastiff's

but.. there's a 6th one.. a little black mut that my daugther rescued from an old neighbor because he was abusing it..

This little black flea (as she jumps so high up) that has captured my heart.. even tho she makes me sooooo mad!!!

A little back ground..

My daugher.. bless her wee little heart.. saw this little black puppy running up and down our street.. new it was the asshat neighbors (thanks Ozfeeme love that word) so she went to tell the neighbor his beloved puppy was out running the streets.. and he promptly told my daughter, who was 9 at the time, that he hoped the "Damn dog would get hit by a car"


Now.. mind you.. she is my daughter, and since Mommy dearest speaks her mind w/out a care in the world.. so does the daughter.. who prompltly told neighbor, he was a big mean jerk, and she was taking the puppy home to love and care for it, and she hope he got hit by a car instead!!!

In comes my wee little love, w/a wiggly puppy.. Promptly informs me that the neighbor is a big mean jerk.. and says " Mom.. we CANT give the dog back.. he will kill it!!!"

Oh lordy!! so.. enters this weeee little black dog into our big dog world!

Well... moving forward, after words w/the neighbor (thank gawd we were in the process of moving) and $300 worth of Vet bills cuz this wee little puppy whom I thought was maybe 2 months old..turned out to be almost 7 months old, had not been the vet and therefore needed shots, and worming, and fixed and and and.. that asshat said I owed him $90 cuz that's what he paid for. So I promptly handed him the Vet bill and told him that as soon as he paid me the amount of the Vet bill he could have the dog back (no... I would not of given the dog back)

He said we were even.. Your damn right Spidey!!! Were even.. Asshat!!!!

Moving forward... this dog.. is a flea.. did I mention that.. she jumps over the back of the couch, she jumps over the backs of the big dogs, she chases the big dogs, she jumps up the side of the sliding glass door.. and touches the top.. she's a damn flea!!! And she has found a permanent spot in my cold ass heart!!! Damn Flea Dog!!!

I bought new shoes.. they were the cutest pair of black pumps.. I hadnt gotten to wear them..
I left them on the floor in the bedroom.. I put the little black flea in there. cuz she cant be out when the big dogs are eating.. cuz well.. that's just bad!!!

I guess she was hungry.. SHE ATE MY BRAND NEW BLACK PUMPS!!!!

I guess she was hungry?

But.. her food was w/her.. my new black pumps must of looked more appetizing!

Damn Flea Dog!!!
She wouldnt sit still long enough for me to get her pic..
But.. here ya go.. my daughter and here were playing in the motor home.. why I dont know.. they love to play in there..
Weird kid.. and Damn Little Flea Dog!!
We named her.. Mercy May May..
dont ask me why!!!!


Weekends Off said...


Kiss your daughter for me, that was just so sweet of her to stand up to that asshat she truely saved that little dog.

It reminds me of the dog we stole. We had a neighbor with a PREGNANT mutt. Kept her tied up in a yard no food/water in site. Said this made her an angry dog and therefore a watch dog.

We used to sneak food every day. I remember walking with a coolwhip bowl full of water to sneak under the fence for her. One day my mom decided to help us, and we (teenagers) crossed over his fence, cut the chain and snuck the dog off into my mom's waiting Pinto.

The dog devoted herself to my mother and lived the rest of her life spoiled. She did lose the puppies though.

The Dung Beetle said...

What a cute little flea! I'm glad you and your daughter saved the poor thing.

- Stacey - said...

what a cutie! your daughter was meant to rescue the shoe eatin' flea. hahahhaa!!

April said...

I just wanna see pics of the big dogs......