Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The big pond in the sky

Bitchy Big Hair has left this world and moved onto the big fish pond in the sky.
I mean.. it was time.. I know that.. he was over 4 yrs old, and normally Betta's dont live that long. How he made it that far I will never know... but... so long my little blue fishy friend. I will see you in another life.

Other than that.. I feel like crap... nasty ass crap in my nose, moving to my chest, causing coughing spells, sinus headaches, running down the back of my throat, into my tummy.. which in turn is causing nausea... oh yeah.. I feel great!!!!

Whatelse.. Oh..I started the Atkins diet.. last week.. figured I will loose some damn weight before the Do Wa... ( large biker gathering in July) I will loose at least 20lbs by then.. so anyhow.. started last week.. Ive lost at least 6 lbs so far.. so cross your fingers.. as soon as this fucking cold goes away I will get back to the gym too!!!

Ok.. I didnt post on Friday due to this cold, I ended up leaving work early.. so.. I will double up my Friday post this friday.. gotta sit down and think about some juvenile shit that I did... hahaha...

Peace..Im off to the drug store.. must buy drugs!!!

1 comment:

"T" said...

Wow. Your betta lived 4 years?

The longest I had one was 2 years and I thought that was extra-ordinary!

Hope you feel better. I'll be checking back for that friday post ;)