Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's another day in the week

I skipped out on Friday.. not from work.. but from blogging..
work has been so caotic, that I swear my boss has her boot up my ass.. because work is a total pain in my ass!!!!

So.. just a brief memory...

I started babysitting when I was about 12, probably rather young to be watching other peoples kids.. but it was a way for me to earn extra money... or to get my drugs...
I was introduced to pot around the same time.. I keep trying to remember what got me started into my corrupt world.. and for the life of me, I can not honestly remember.
It could be this reason, or that reason, or this time or that time... in all honestly I think it's a whole mess of cluster fucks that got me started on my down hill spiral.

S met this lady, I have no clue where nor can I remember her name at the moment..nor can I remember her kids name... but I remember her boyfriend.. and you will understand why.
Anyhow.. S met this lady, who loved to drink and smoke a whole lotta Mary Jane... she called S up one day and asked if there was a possibility of her babysitting her two young kids.. I remember there were 2.. a toddler and a baby... S's mom said that she couldnt go alone, so.. low and behold, S and I went to sit on a couple of snot nosed brats.

The wee ones were in bed when we arrived, (oh.. I just remembered her name.. the lady who we baby sat for.. Sandy!!!! LOL the memory is a weird thing) anywho....
so.. like I was saying, we arrived her wee one's were in bed, she heads off to do some drinking w/her friends, informs us that her boyfriend will be home around midnight but he will just go to sleep and she will take us home when she get's home around 2ish... uh huh...
around midnight, the boyfriend shows up.. S & I are sitting in the kitchen playing some card game (as there was no tv) and I look up and see this old grizzly looking guy standing in the doorway.... just standing there... staring at us.. w/this cocky little smile on his face...

That moment will be etched in my memory forever... he finally introduces himself as Wayne.. walks over, grabs a beer from the fridge, offers S and I one.. sure what the hell.. pulls up a chair.. sit's down and pulls out a pipe and his pot.. proceeds to load a bowl hands it to me... now.. so what does a girl do.. she smokes it.. and that pipe was passed between the 3 of us for ever... and ever.. and ever.. and ever.. and ever.. I was so ripped I fell off the chair.. and laughed and laughed.. Wayne picked me up.. and sat me on his lap.. and we laughed.. and laughed and laughed.. but people.. nothing happened... I know what your all thinking.. but no..
he was a pervert.. there's no doubt about that.. but he never touched us in an inappropriate way... he just got us drunk.. and got us high.. would rub our backs, our thighs, I suppose looking back on it now... he was "grooming" us.. but.. nothing ever happened....

That night was the beginning of many many nights... it got to the point where they stopped paying us in $$ and started paying us w/drugs... to watch there kids.. who were always in bed by the time S and I got there. Sometimes, we would use the excuse that we were babysitting, just to go over to Sandy & Wayne's when the kids werent even there. They were at their fathers, but Sandy/Wayne would let us come over and we would invite our boyfriends over while they were gone.. Wayned always came home before Sandy.. and he would sit around w/us and drink and get us high..

Then one day.. Sandy decided that S & I werent allowed to babysit anymore.. seems her and Wayne had a huge fight over us... Wayne told her that he enjoyed our company more than hers.. and she didnt take kindly to it.. We had been babysitting for them for almost 2 yrs... things never got out of hand.. we were always in our own beds by morning.. we never allowed Wayne to touch us inappropriately.

Looking back, I suppose we should of never gotten in those car's with those drunken, high, out of control people.. but at that young stupid age, what did we know? All we knew was that it was a way to get high, to get out of our house's... to see our boyfriends.. to do what we wanted to do.

Stupidity....... at such a young age..
If I could.. would I go back and change anything? No.. I dont think so, I was one of the lucky ones I came out of all the bullshit alive, and with my eyes wide open.


Ms Peculiar said...

I am so glad that nothing bad happened. As I read your post I noticed that everytime you wrote SandI it spelled my name. LOL My brother got me high for the first time when I was ten & on rollerskates. not good.
Glad you are alive and kicking.
S and I

Ozfemme said...

My experience with drugs was not dissimilar. Now I think about how much I missed out on by being stoned so much. I look at my twelve-year-old son and simply cannot imagine giving him pot to smoke so young. It's funny how we didn't see ouselves as children, when in fact that's what we were. What Wayne did to you was bad enough without throwing being a paedophile into the mix.

Still, we do okay now though heh?!!