Monday, May 07, 2007

Feel me?

It's Monday Monday!!! my weekend was good.. I can actually say that I have met someone who I think will stop me from all this self loving that's been going on in my bedroom!

Saturday was Cinco de Meyo.. so off to T-Town to a small get together. I invited my friend R - whom I have posted about prior, my one time fuck buddy who sadly he and I just kind of went our seperate ways. We continued to email.. but we never were able to contact in that oh so intimate way again.

Amazingly enough he showed up Saturday night, it was rather late, and the majority of the pary go'ers were gone, but there were a few of us left and we continued to talk and laugh and had a great time. It had been months since I had seen him and it was good to just reconnect w/him on a intellectual level. In all honesty, in the past he and I never really had just "talked" it was all about just gettin down and gettin dirty, which of course was a-ok w/me!!! But it was great to get to know him on a more serious side.
However my girlfriend, who had one to many Corona's decided she was gonna give him a piece of her mind and proceeds to lay into him about how he's been disrespecting me, and Im a great gal and he should wake up and realize this and so forth and so on and blah blah blah! He handled it with such a good sense of humor I was suprised! He agreed w/her, informed her that the relationship that he and I had in the past was "gonna change" (not sure what that means), his next statement thru me for a loop and Im still not sure if it was ment as a compliment or a slam.
Were chit chatting.. and as Im standing there, but obviously not really there as everyone is talking about me in front of me, R and my gal pal start talking about my qualities.. and R said that Im just like a guy... I say whats on my mind, Im overly honest, and I dont sugar coats things, at first when he met me he wasnt sure about me, but over the years he's come to appreciate me.
I looked at him and told him, straight up.. I dont have time for all the games and bullshit. Life is to short to attempt to sugar coat things and put a nice spin on everything. This is me, like it or dont.. he just smiled at me..
Anyhow.. the night continued on we all started talking about relationships and communication and what's important, I honestly have no clue how we got onto this subject by this time there were just 4 of us left standing me, R, T (my girlfriend) and another guy, who did nothing but laugh all night, he really was a great guy... kind of good looking too ;)
so, about 3:30ish... R decided it's time for him to go home, we head out to his car, he's all hugging me and kissing me.. tellin me he has really missed me, that his player days are over, he hopes to see me this weekend, so forth and so on...

He leaves and it freakin hits me!!! He's gonna be 39 w/in the next two weeks.. I remember him telling me a few times over the course of us knowing each other, he wants to be settled by 40! HA!!! Soooo... he's ready to settle down and get serious about dating? No more of this, gonna have her and her and her and her!
Well best of luck... I wont be in the running for him.. Im sure.. Im to much of a "guy"
ok ok.. I guess it kind of bugged me..

Anyhow.. so.. will he call this week to see me this weekend???? Does he truly miss me???
Im just like a guy??? WTF?!

Well I finally got home around 4:30... and had my way with myself.. I had to search the house for new batteries, as Bob I guess has been getting to much of a work out and needed to be revived!!!

Hmmm..will I hear from him?
Shit.. I feel like a fucking teenager!!!!

Peace Im out!!!


"T" said...

Is that the first time you've heard the "just like a guy" thing?

I've heard that my whole life and it's a good thing, at least that's what I've been told. I just asked my husband again, who is standing right here and he says it's a good thing... cool.... he calls that a "chud" ...a chick that thinks like a dude.

Guys want someone they can relate to... not a foofy, "oh my gaw!" type of chick. Well, at least most guys do. I mean, c'mon how many guys want to discuss your latest hang nail or new shoes?


Whoa, that may be the longest comment I have ever left!

Barney said...

T... your right.. thank you.. Ive asked a few people here at the office about that statement.. and it's the same answer..
Guys prefer to have an intellectual equal.. someone they can talk to and enoy.

so.. it was a good compliment..

Yeah me!!!!