Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ramblings from an exhausted women

It's hard to post when there really isnt anything worthy of posting about.
So my apologies to all my 5 readers out there in blogger land, however, like you really want to read about my ho hum existance.

I havnt kept up w/anything, my Friday Confessionals have wavered, not that I dont have more tantalizing stories to bore you to tears, it's just that, some of the stories I have to tell you, Im just not sure how to put them down onto blogger roll. I read back over some of my other posts and I think to myself.. what.. am I in middle school again? My writing seems to me like some bad essay that I failed misreably on.

My current life seems to be stuck in a black hole, that is slowly spiraling. I take steps forward, just to have to remove my shoes, retrace my steps; clean off my souls since I have stepped in a ton of shit along my path. Sooner or later, there has to be a platform up ahead where I can take a seat and order a stiff drink and put my feet up. Wonder to myself if this craziness will ever cease.

I have put in 18 hrs of overtime in the last 3 days, Im completely exhausted. I cant see straight, cant think straight, and as I type this, I continuelly have to go back delete what I have written just to correct the wording or the spelling. If my grammar teacher could read this now there is no doubt in my blonde head he would flunk my ass and make me repeat his happy-ass class!

On these ramblings.. as that's all Im doing now, Im off to figure out why I have a customer trying to establish SS7 with another provider when they have direct connections with them, and dont need to be going thru a 3 party vendor. How much easier my life would be if I could just win a few million measly dollars.

Cio bella!!


Ozfemme said...

Oh, I hear ya. No more overtime for you, my dear. Get some rest, take a long bath, be kind to you - you know all that stuff we never take time for ourselves to do. Things change (or so I keep telling myself) And I like your writing so keep it up!

"T" said...

I love your stories and I think your writing style just reverts back to the time... otherwise you write like any other rational sane crazy person :) just like the rest of us.

Keep us entertained and those glimpses into your past makes us all take that trip back.

Bet you have more than 5 readers ;)

Barney said...

Ozfemme - how I would love to take some "me" time.. to pamper myself, sit down watch a movie, and just relax.. but.. you know how it goes.. being single parents.. it just doesnt happen like that... I may.. and I stress MAY be able to get a half hr in front of the tube.. w/out any fighting erupting!!! my life!!!

"T" Thanks for the compliments... sometimes I wonder what it is Im really trying to write :)
But I shall keep it up..

The Dung Beetle said...

i wouldn't worry too much about the grammar... i doubt that folks will want to point out so-called errors while digesting your many tales of interest.

Take care of yourself and get some rest. I look forward to many future memoires from you.