Thursday, August 30, 2007

Insane Ramblings from a blonde

My work week is taking forever to be over with, it seems that it just keeps going and going and going and going. I swear it's Friday, and yet, it's only Thursday. Will the week ever end?
Yet, I am happy at the fact it's a 3 day weekend.. and then work one day next week, and I'm off to Oregon for a few days. So that will be nice & semi-relaxing.

The big dumb meat head (the dog) is currently 22 in the Nation.. YEAH HIM..
he needs a few more points to get to the Eukunuba show in Long Beach in December.. which I have complete faith in him.. and he will pull it off, and then we are off and running...

Bailey, the meat heads sister, finally went into heat, so she was bred last night... cross your fingers and toe's that it took. I was really worried that she wouldn't be receptive of Bear's attentions (the stud we bred her to) but holy wow.. did she like him near her rear end!!! She was waggin her tail, and putting her butt in his face.. he was all happy like.. licking her, and trying to body slam her into submission... he's a .. lets get it on, head to a dark corner and go go go go..
Bailey, is more of a lady, she wanted some foreplay.. and nice and slow.. sooooo.. when Bear tried to mount.. she wasn't quit ready as it was just a little to quick for her!!! So a little AI (artificial insemination) and hopefully we will have some puppies in 9-10 weeks!!!

Went camping this last weekend... Saturday night, I was walking down some stairs thought I was on the bottom one.. and Barney went flying.. and I wasn't even drunk.. that's the worse part, I had only had 1/2 a beer.. didn't spill a drop when I fell tho!!! :)
Sprained my right ankle.. and hyper-extended my knee.. finally went to the Dr on Tuesday.. only because my ankle was the size of a watermelon. I hate the Dr.s office.. I love my Dr... just hate going to the Dr. Anyhow, just a small amount of pain, but not to bad.

School starts in a few days, I'm happy, but I'm not.. I haven't even finished all the school shopping, so I guess were headed this weekend to finish what needs to be done.. Cha-Ching.. money money money.. I better win the damn Mega-Million Lotto.. I'm not greedy... I would be more than happy with a half a million!!!

The boy is in Football, I think this will be his new calling, he's really really into it. The last few years it had been baseball, which he still enjoys, but not as much at football. They started practice this last Monday, from 1-4... he pushed himself so hard on Tuesday that he made himself puke.. the coach was so proud of him.. kept tellin him what a good job he was doing, and it's good that hes' pushing himself that hard. Gets his pads and stuff today... had to be at the school at 9.. I was worried about getting there, but he and I had a long chat and decided he could ride his bike to school.

Now.. we live maybe 2 miles from school, down a hill, across a busy intersection, and then down a busy rural road, that has a very very small bike lane.
But you know, when I was around that age, I rode my bike everywhere (granted I was also smoking pot by his age) so I guess it is time, to let him start gaining a small small piece of independence.. (insert teary eyes here) my baby is growing up!!!

The girl, she joined cheer leading thru the youth football association.. they really push those girls, they range in age from 6 to 14. They run laps around the track, then practice for 2 hrs, 3x a week. Not to mention when they have to cheer for the games. The stupid cheer uniform, a tiny little skirt, and a shirt.. cost me $150!!! Can u believe that? Absolutely asinine!!!! But, she's really enjoying it, and her attitude is really changing, it's so weird to see her maturing right before my eyes! She is a big girl for her age... she is almost 11.. stands almost 5'4, and weights, just a little to much.. were working on that.. but.. she's a very strong little girl.. like her mother, she is freakishly strong.. so they have her on the bottom of the pyramids...
Its just weird, cuz I really hated the jocks and cheerleaders when I went to school.. when I actually showed up to school..

They were all stuck up, high society, snobs.. and it bothered me how they felt they were so much better than everyone else.. and now.. 20 yrs later.. I have a son who is a jock, and a daughter who is a cheerleader.. oh my, the higher powers that be, really have a wicked sense of humor!

Well, I guess that's about it, I just rambled on. I have a few more memories that I remembered that I will be posting this weekend. They come and go, the smallest things can make me remember something that was life changing, or just a damn good time. If you made it this far, congratulations.. brownie points to you!

Have a wicked Labor Day weekend!!!!


Ms Peculiar said...

I hate that you fell and hurt yourself. School already started out here a couple of weeks ago.

Thank you so much for your support on my blog. You are too cool.

The Dung Beetle said...

Ouchie! Take care of that knee and ankle... I know how tricky those things are.

Oh, and thanks for the doggie-porn. That was awesome. In a related story, thank you for also curing my longing for a Siberian Husky. After reading this, I'm never ever ever ever going to breed or own dogs.

I kid, I kid... ;-)

Krystal said...

I want to know who yanked the dog off so you could artificially inseminate your bitch.

Because that's how I think...

Krystal said...

Hope your ankle heals quickly.

April said...

I gotta go recheck that doggie porn...... I'm not sure about that Dung Beetle.
Hope the ankle is better by now!!