Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A rose by any other name.... is just a huge THORN

Nothing to really write about, the apartment is working out well, I didn't realize before moving in however how small the kitchen is. Or that there is no storage space, or the fact that I have way to much crap.

I'm finding things that I had forgotten all about, things from my childhood, or from my children's wee years on this earth. It's been fun to find lost treasure's and yet, it's been depressing at times too. Looking at old family photos' of when me and their fathers were together, the days prior to them turning into worthless turds. The memento's have to be kept for the wee ones, as much as I would love to tear them up and start a fire with them.. I wont.. I keep holding myself back.. and I wont.

Other than that, nothing.. absolutely nothing has been going on in my life. Sad really. I have found I'm so much more content to go home after work, relax w/a Corona or a nice glass of wine and just chill w/the wee one's talking, laughing, or watching some stupid show on the tube. Although w/school getting ready to start up here soon, those nights of going straight home will be ceasing soon.. the girl is in cheer leading.. practice 3x a week and the boy will be starting football soon.. practice every night after school not to mention both of them will have to be at games.

I guess I should suck it up now.. and enjoy it... cuz the days are coming when they wont want Mommy around, and they will be embarrassed by my existence. So.. I know, just cherish these memories, and blah blah blah...

I really need some extra curricular activities in my life too.. a little sheet action.. it's been to long.. sometimes it makes me think whats wrong w/me? Then I sit back and realize, that I got rid of all my "buddies" because a few of them turned into clingy little women.. and well I wasn't having any part of that!!! So.. I ditched them.. and well.. with today and all the freaks out there I just haven't gone an dug up anymore.. I do still have one, but he and I work such opposite schedules, and there is the distance thing it's hard to get together with him... but everyone cross your fingers and pray that this Friday.. I will get some much needed exercise.. LOL!!!

OK.. I'm out..



Weekends Off said...

OK I will cross my fingers for you to get some on Friday and you cross your fingers for me tonight that Danny will win on So You Think You Can Dance.


April said...

Geesh Barney, have you heard of Magic Wand?

Krystal said...

So...did you get a good sweaty workout in or what?