Monday, January 14, 2008

A statistical nightmare

As I was speaking to a co-worker today about children and adolescence behaviour.
She made a statement to me that caused me to pause.

I was discussing how I had to go head to head w/my daughters school counselor and principal just to get her tested because all of the sudden her grades dropped and she went from an A student to a D-F student and I felt that the school was leaving her behind.

The co-worker states to me...
"There are very few women that intimidate me, and I can honestly say, you are one that does!"

It caused me to pause when she said this.
I wasnt sure how to re-act, or what to say..
I stood there, looked at her, and basically just moved on and said nothing.

So I then brought it up to another co-worker...
and I asked him...if he thought I was intimidating.. his reply is as follows:

Me: Seriously.. am I intimidating?
him: Physically as a guy no--for your brains yes at times
him: You are a statistical nightmare at times with your breadth of knowledge of things
him: and how quick you can spit them via memory
me: statistical nightmare.. LOL.. that's funny
Me: I just thought it was kind of a weird statement
Him: You can be menacing
me: menacing.. ???
me: Webster defines menacing as:a person whose actions, attitudes, or ideas are considered dangerous or harmful
me: Im a pussy cat
me: w/claws
him: Yes like when you play ping pong
him: I saw you threaten M with Physical violence
me: well yeah.. that's M tho..
Him: Yes but others would see that and then fear
me: only those that dont know me.. M just laughs at me

Ping of our depts here in the office decided to put a ping pong table in the lunch room, and took it out as a dept expense.. not sure how they got that one ok'd.. but.. it's turned into a HUGE success...
Our office has aprox, 250+ employee's.. soooo... we have tournaments and when some of us get really stressed we head down and hit that little ball around. It's been a pretty interesting release, plus Ive met employees' I wouldnt normally meet..
So.. that's what he's talking about.. cuz I didnt know how to play ping pong.. and then M wanted to play one day so down we went, and I would threaten him.. hahah.. just cuz he's really good.. and me.. Not so much..

Guess I should get back to work..



Krystal said...

My husband says I'm "formidable"... But anyway it's stated, it means we're Queen Bitches when it comes to our children and what's right.

That's a good thing.

Krystal said...
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The Bizza said...

I've always been drawn towards strong-willed women. Knowing that you can be intimidating at work comes as no surprise to me.

Amorous Chick said...
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Amorous Chick said...

Hehe, I like the term "statistical nightmare" quite a bit. I'm not sure why, it's just lovely. Your conversation with Him was amusing. I bet you can be scary as hell, all moms are. =p =D

Also, just letting you know that my blog has moved to a new link.

You can find me here now: Amorous Chick

Same junky posts from me, just a new url and a half-new display name. =D

Sorry for any inconveniece the sudden change may cause. Thanks!

~Amorous Rocker :D