Friday, January 04, 2008

Tagged and Im it!!!!

Ok Weekends.. here ya go..

Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.Seven random/weird facts about me...

1) I love my soda (when I drink it) room temperture.. I can NOT stand my soda cold..
same w/my water.. it has to be room temp..

2) When I scoop ice cream out of the carton into my waiting bowl.. I have to pop it into the microwave for 10-15 seconds....

3) I pick my toes... I know I know.... gross gross gross... but I love to dig at my toenails, and clean out all the "gunk" before I go to bed

4) I work in an office full of about 30 people.. some days it's like working in a morgue.. sooo.. I will pop off loudly singing show tunes.. such as "Love Boat" or "The Great Space Coaster"

5) Im a finger tapper.. Im always tapping my fingers against, desks, cups, steering wheel what ever is there and will make noise

6) Im a popper (just like weekends) my knuckles, knees, back, toes, neck.. anything to release the stress

7) The kids and I have fart wars... so far my daughter has the longest...... the boy has the stinky, eye's watering, burn the back of your throat.. and well mine.. LOUD!!!!

Thank you all for reading...
Im not gonna tag anyone.. but.. if you want to play along, leave it in my comments.. sometimes it's fun to learn about your fellow blogging buddies!!!!


Christmas turned out pretty good.. amazingly enough

We had our family Christmas part on the 21'st.. it's not a Christmas w/out at least one family argument.. and this year was not a let down.. my brother and his wife had a huge falling out about 3 days prior to our family party.. it was HUGE.. he moved out even... sides were being chosen, new arrangments for the family get together were being made...

When I finally called an end to it!!! I told both of them to let go and move the hell on.. this wasnt the time of year to be arguing and trying to have sides drawn.

Amazingly enough, all turned out well.. and we had a FABULOUS time...

Christmas Eve... nothing to write home about.. didn nada..
Christmas Morning.. the ex mom in law came over to watch the kiddies open up presents, then when she left, we headed over to other relatives to open up presents..
It actually snowed Christmas Day afternoon.. to the point where I was snowed in and had to stay the night.. so my brother and I drank, laughed and then we all played the game of Life.. another family tradition.. it was a good day..

New years.. I drank to much at the Casino.. and was walking thru yelling Happy New Year, and then I would walk up to random groups of men, and say something stupid like "Hey.. I can blow"
and blow into my little noise maker.. I found this to be absolutely hilarious..ok ok.. stupid I know.. but hell.. Im old and have to get my kicks somewhere.. :)

And now Im back at work.. trying to find the... uummmpppfffff to get a move on..

Happy 2008 everyone.. I hope this year brings all of you great memories...
Good times.. and enjoyment!!! not to be confused w/pure joy!!!!


The Bizza said...

Really? Fart contests? So you decided to share that instead of your favorite color underwear?


Barney said...

I apologize Bizza.. but well.. I posted a new post for you that may be more interesting..

Krystal said...

The G-string I'm wearing is beginning to cut into my clit.

No one tagged me. BUT if I were tagged, that would have been one of the things I would have shared.