Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spooks/Ghouls & night creatures

Ah.. Halloween.. Im not a huge fan...
Last night my daughter reminds me as we are leaving the gym that I havnt gotten her a Halloween costume yet... (bad bad bad Mommy)

So we rush over to Party City... and rush into a hord of people who are all just like me and waiting til the last minute to accomplish what needs to be done for their little demons.......
Of course.. we got slim pickin's...
Tinkerbelle???? doesnt fit...
A devil.... no.. to cold
An ange... so not her
A Baby... to normal
so forth and so on.. she pulled out costumes.. she tried them on.. she carried things around.. she would put them back..
After an Hr... I say..
Forget it.. you can go as yourself.. lets get out of here!!!!

Mind you.. I have my costume.. a pink fuzzy hat, beads, and Margarita sunglasses.. Im Mardi Gras baby!!!

My daughter decides....................... Clown
thats it.. a clown..
hair, socks, makeup, tie, shoe covers, suspenders... and gawd only know's what else cuz I dont remember...
We finally get out of there...
and only spent $80!!!! on what?????

so.. a little scary story to share:

4 yrs ago... I awoke to a noise in the apartment... a deep male voice saying
now.. hmm.... since it was just me and my kids.. and no grown men.. yeah.. got a little freaked..
and I hear again... " GET OUT OF MY HOUSE"
I sit up in bed, and think to myself.. where are the kids.. my daughter was in bed w/me, as she had crawled in w/me.. and my son was in his room.. or was he???
I get up quietly.. I grab my bat and head into the hall way..
There is my son... standing in his bedroom door.. looking down the hall way and says to me
"There is a man in the front room Mom, go back to bed, I have it under control!"
Excuse me...???? Go back to bed??? You have it under control???? Mind you, my wee little boy is normally afraid of his shadow...and he was only like 10 at the time..
and I hear again...
I flip on the hall light..
and there is NOONE there.. I checked the whole house..
noone.. anywhere.. doors locked.. all windows locked.. empty.. beside me & the kids..
I go back to my son.. and he's curled up on the floor in my room next to my bed..
I wake him up..
he looks at me and says..
"Mom.. there was a man floating in the hall way.. did you make him leave????"
"yeah baby... he's gone.. get in bed"

The next morning.. he remembers nothing...
He doesnt remember the voice... he doesnt remember curling up on the floor..
all he remembers is that his room got really cold.. and he couldnt get warm...

Where did the voice come from?????

Happy Tricking!!!!
Hope everyone gets a treat!!!



~*~ D ~*~ said...

SCAAAARRRRRYYYYYYY! I got chills and everything!!!! OMG!!!!! Thankfully he doesn't remember it, I know if it had happened to me I'd have been sleeping with my Mom forever!!!

~*~ D ~*~ said...

Just popped in to see how you are doing!

Hi Barney!