Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I got's nothing!!!

I got's nothing to talk about today.
Sad huh.
Nothing.. no ramblings rolling around in my head
Dont get me wrong.. there is always things rolling around in my head.. but nothing that is making any sense at the moment....

Anger.. it's on the outter edges again... so much so that Monday night the red hue was extremely close and was trying to grasp me. My son & daughter both looked at me and asked if I had a bad day. That snapped me back, it was like cold water being thrown in my face.
So I sat in my recliner, watched TV and talked to no-one. My poor little ones.. having to deal w/me when I get in those moods. Luckily they are older and they understand that I too have bad moments.

Other than that.. nothing..
Christmas is upon us..
Im getting closer to the shopping being done..
Wow my kids are greedy.. but I suppose all kids are... that's nothing new..
so.. they are not getting everything on their wish list.. I am not Bill Gates!!!
But, they will get a few of the items, like the cheaper ones!LOL

What else.. nope nothing.. my head is empty.. nothing in there
My son goes in for surgery.. 2 weeks..
It's a fairly easy operation, on the top of his foot.. should be in and out under an hr.
His sperm donor and his other half will be there. Oh.. yeah..
So Monday (my day of anger) was the pre-op appt for the small boy child.
So Sperm Donor and his live in were in attendance.. as the live in proceeds to quiz the Dr on the operation, and demands to see the x-rays.. WHO IN THE FUCK DOES SHE THINK SHE IS!!!??? Finally I had to look at her, tell her to hush up and let ME speak to the Dr.. besides, Im the one paying for it.. and Im the one who has to deal w/him for the 3 weeks that he's laid up.. not them!!
What should I expect.. they are the scum of the underbelly of Everett... (sorry to all those real people that live in Everett)
It's not HER son.. it's MY son.. and I already went thru all this w/the Dr. Pissed me right the fuck off. She wouldnt shut the hell up (just thinking about this is getting my dander up)
I went thru the 9 months 2 weeks of carrying him.. I went thru the 19 1/2 hrs of hard ass labor.. ME...not to mention putting up w/sperm donors bullshit during that time period.
Ok.. calm.. deep breaths..
sunny days.. ocean waves..
ok..Im better... anyhow.. where was I? Oh yeah.. so anyhow.. yeah.. his surgery is in 2 weeks.. He's worried, I was joking around with him and said that he is gonna be on drugs and feeling no pain all shall be good... they hooked my boy up.. Vicodin.. Percocet.. oh yeah.. one for small boy child.. 2 for mommy.. LOL.. IM JUST KIDDING FOLKS!!!

Ok..Im done.. Im out.. maybe more nothing's later..



The Blog Whore said...

The "live-in" needs to learn her role.

That was some nerve!


Weekends Off said...

Maybe 1 for mommy though! Mommy deserves it for having to put up with Sperm Donor and the Wannabe.

Ugh, I hate women like that. And I know EXACTLY what you mean.

1 for Mommy, 1 for small boy child, and a foot in the a$$ for the donor and his wannabe.