Friday, December 08, 2006

Aunt F.. bitch bitch bitch!!!

Im irritable!!!
Its my right... Im a female..
and P M S has SET IN!!!

Oh yeah.. I could just rip off someone's head, and shit down there neck, screw the head back on, pat them on top of their wee little noggin, and send them on their merry fucking way..
Gawd I hate it when I get like this..
I soooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna lash out at someone..
Just argue, and be really really mean!!!!

But I wont..
Im trying to calm myself.. Oh.. Im fucking trying!!!!

Excuse me.. phones ringing.. one moment please..................................................................................................................................................
Stupid mother fucking, dumb ass, ignorant, asshole!!!!
Oh..your life is so fucking hard isnt it.. your screwed????
Your Screwed? How dare you tell me how fucking screwed you are..
Why dont you try raising two kids, on your own, with no fucking help from their sperm donors.. Oh wait.. YOUR ONE OF THE SPERM DONORS.. and you have paid me $20 mother fucking dollars in 10 fucking years.. and your screwed???!!!!!
I have gone w/out so much in MY life.. because my children come first.. and you want to complain to me that your screwed????
Well.. let me think about this.. your 36 fucking yrs old, cant hold a job for no longer than 6 months.. living on someone's couch, trying to get everyone to buy your poor me act.

Well I got something for you.. (insert middle finger here)
I dont want to hear how your screwed.. why dont you try paying one of these dental bills, or buy your daughter some clothes, or pay for her dance class, or put some food on her plate, comfort her when she's sick, discipline here when she acts up, get time off work to accompany her on a field trip at school (cuz all the other parents do) buy her some new shoes, take her to the Dr when she breaks out in a rash, and get the meds to stop the itching. Explain to her why we cant afford all the items she wants. And if your really up to it.. why dont you explain to her, why you dont love her. Cuz let me tell you, she ask's me that one alot..
Mommy.. why doesnt may daddy care about me, like the other daddy's do...
yeah.. NIIIIIICE!!!!!

Your fucking screwed..
you know what you are.. and the reason is because I got the better part of your life. MY daughter... whose loving, kind, & caring... Who is going to make something out of her life and be someone.. regardless of the piece of shit father she has...

Yeah.. your right.. you are screwed!!!

(sorry for all the bad language.. but.. Im pissy.. can ya tell??)

Peace.. (Im trying to find some)


Ozfemme said...

Oh dear. I hear you... Um, did we by some chance have children to the same donor? I hope you find some peace. Until then, hang in there because it will get better. May I suggest that next time you instruct him to call 1800WHOGIVESAFLYINGF*CKABOUTYOU??? Be strong. Your children are blessed to have you for a mother.

April said...

One of my few life regrets is that I didn't have the foresight to give my kids a better father. They both deserve soooo much better than what they were handed. But I remind myself and them that some people truly do not understand parenthood and simply do the best that they can do, which doesn't come close to cutting it. It's the only way to keep my anger at bay........

Barney said...

Yes..we must of signed up for the same club membership... Can I get my money back.. but keep the kids?

If only my crystal ball had been working, I would of known what I was in for.. doesnt mean I would of changed it, as my babies are my life.. but at least I would of been a little better prepared in the beginning..

Weekends Off said...

Vent away girlfriend. You have every reason to! He's not even worthy of being called a sperm donor.

Trash is more like it! Ugh. I'm sorry he's such a loser. you and your kids deserve better than that.