Monday, December 11, 2006

To Be Fair..

To be fair I should post about my son's sperm donor too...

He's just as worthless as the other one..
Although he at least pays his child support, of course.. he's still waaaaaay behind
but.. I guess I will give him some kudos, as he's at least trying...
However, the small boy child just got off the phone w/his "father" and informed me that
Daddy dearest is purchasing an Ipod.. you know.. the really expensive one so he can download books on tape so he can listen to them at work..

hmmmm... me in my rashness, starts spewing words of discrimination against his lovely father

I know, I know bad Mommy.. Bad Bad Bad..
but damn it!!!
Small boy child has medical bills & Ortho dental bills coming out the wazzu.. and the courts stated that he not only has to pay child support but also half.. (that's 50%) of his medical/dental bills too.. and do you think he's paid any towards those???
If you guessed No.. your so smart!!!

Now.. I understand it's also my responsibility.. and hence why he pays 50%... because that's what I agreed to in court.. bringing our son into the world was both our decision. We BOTH agreed to his care. I am a firm believer in the issues between the sperm donor and me.. are just that.. between he and I.. our son is NOT brought into the middle..
Very rarely do I ever say anything negative about his sperm donor to him.. and I know and realize I should NEVER say it.. but well, not all of us are perfect, from time to time I do tend to slip up and when I do, it's a whopper..
So.. needless to say... I slipped (it's that damn red hue of anger, maybe I need some counseling)
and well anyhow.. I stated that his "father" was..... well it doesnt matter what he is..
but it wasnt nice.. at all... and I thought the small boy child would get all upset, so I apologized immediately
and well.. do you know what he said....
He said.. I know Mom... relax.. he's a dumb ass.. we have known that for years!!!

(insert open mouth astonishment)
Out of the mouths of babes
Ok.. so.. do I get upset because my son just cussed to my face..
Or.. do I acknowledge to him that... he's allowed to his opinion... or is it his opinion?
Ok.. I looked at my son.. told him I loved him... and that was going to take a bubble bath
and I needed some time alone.
He gave me a hug, told me he loved me.. and to enjoy...

Yeah.. He's 13.. he still loves me.. and he hugged me..
No payments to his bills, he buys shit he doesnt need when he should be paying for things more important...
but you know what.. I got the boy.. he loves me.. and he gave me a hug...
I get the better deal... I have the better deal...
The bills will be there.. forever.. alls well....



April said...

I was thinking how ironic it is you refer to their fathers as sperm donor. If only I had the foresight then to have found a sperm donor instead of the "father" that they got. If I had looked for a sperm donor, I wold have considered things like family history, history of alcoholism, IQ, height (oh yeah, give that girl of mine some long, long legs), hair thickness. Anyway, you get the picture. I shoulda coulda went the sperm donor route....... So anyway, maybe sperm donor is just to great of a term for these men who fathered our children?
And yes, you definitely got the better end of the deal.....

Weekends Off said...

Yes you definately got the better end of the deal.

Ozfemme said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. We've all slipped up. Also, being 13 - it's not surprising he's figured it out himself.

When I've slipped up and said something less than kind about the children's father I remind them that he is their dad, loves them and i know they love him. That I'm just annoyed with him and it's nothing to do with their feelings for him. They're pretty understanding. Also, like you - I got the best part of the deal.

The Dung Beetle said...

Both of my parents screwed up like that in front of me. It was annoying, but it probably had no ill affects on me... The back-biting and snide-comments were far more civilized than their Joe Frazier/Muhammad Ali impersonations during the first 6 years of my life.

I'm certain that my youngest is being intentionally poisoned against me by her embittered mother. Premeditated tainting of a child against their own parent is far more reprehensible than an off-the-cuff, emotionally-charged response to an ex's jackassery.

You're human. You screw up from time to time. Don't be so hard on yourself.